Grab Your Screen and Share Instantly

There are so many handy tools that can really make our experience a lot easier and faster.  With the fast paced and busy lives we lead, having such tools can mean less headaches and more productivity.  There maybe some occasions that would require you to grab your screen and share via email, or via the social networking sites.  Now there is an application to help our online life a lot easier.

Graabr is an application and hosting service which uploads your screen to, with the option of sharing to social web sites like Twitter, Facebook, etc with just a few mouse click it is the fastest and easiest way to upload and share your desktop.  Best of all is that it is Free!.  There are no complicated sign ups, registrations, tagging, group or comments, just upload and share.  There is no limit on file size or number of photo. With just 2 steps to follow. Uploading is a breeze.


You can grab it Here