5 Types Of Web Hosting Services & What They Provide [Cheat Sheet]

There are so many things that happen behind the scenes that contribute to making a blog or website successful. Along with that comes a lot of decisions that someone has to make about everything from content to SEO to web hosting. Most people I know who start a blog simply order a standard web hosting account, and then they don’t think about it again. However, as time goes on, a blog or website’s needs change as it grows. This cheat sheet explains five different types of web hosting services.

This infographic, or cheat sheet as I call it, is called Web Hosting Simplified (by HostGator.com). It goes through 5 types of web hosting services, and it provides you with a handy list of pros and cons for each one.

Here at Bit Rebels we’ve gone through a number of these options. Our needs back when Bit Rebels launched in 2009 are different than our needs now, so it makes sense that we’ve outgrown a few of these. Now we have our own server that we manage ourselves. It’s a big job, but it fits our needs for where we are in our blog’s evolution right now. You may notice the same thing happens with your blog or website. You may also outgrow your current web hosting solution, and at that time you’ll probably have to consider some other options.

Seeing all these web hosting services laid out like this is an easy way to get educated about it quickly. These pros and cons lists are so much easier to digest in this format than asking someone at a hosting company to explain the differences. And, just like this cheat sheet says, web hosting services are evolving, so there may be other options to consider in the future!

5 Types Of Web Hosting Services Explained

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Via: [Data Visualization] Header Image Credit: [Robin Good]