Are Graphics Cards Important For Gaming?

Whether you already have a PC at home, or you are considering moving from a console to a gaming PC, and you aren’t sure where to start, one of the first things to consider is going to be the graphics card. You don’t need a stand-alone graphics card to watch ultra-sharp TV or most videos on the internet, but if you are thinking of building yourself a gaming rig, then a graphics card becomes very important.

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What Is A Graphics Card?

A graphics card or GPU unit is the dedicated component within a computer that renders images. It is the part of the PC that can either give you smooth, seamless gameplay or make you feel as though you are on a click-through a photo album. There is an array of graphics cards that are available on the market, from low budget all the way through to those where you need to consider taking out a mortgage.

Most PC’s that you buy over the counter come with integrated GPU’s that can be found in the motherboard, while some offer users reasonable graphics, they are never going to match a stand-alone graphics card. With some computers, you do have the option of upgrading the integrated graphics card when you purchase it, but this will still not be as effective as a stand-alone unit.

Dedicated Graphics Cards

Dedicated graphics cards are those that are not embedded within the motherboard and are their own component within the PC. These can range in power, but they will be more powerful than the integrated graphics card that may have come with your PC. When you are looking to upgrade your graphics card, it is worth operating at the very top end of your budget.

The more you spend on a graphics card, the better it is going to perform with the latest games. If you are looking to spend some cash, there are many ways how you can upgrade your graphics card, from looking online, buying new and even buying second hand.

Other Considerations

If you have an older PC, then just upgrading your graphics card may not be enough. You don’t want to spend your hard-earned cash on a graphics card that cannot run in your machine due to the lack of power or CPU issues that it may have. Before you spend out, look at how old your machine is and if any other vital upgrades are required before you spend out.

If your CPU is running at 80% without running any games, then this may need to be upgraded, but if the entire machine is old, then it may be worth starting again. Again, if parts of your system are slightly outdated, then it may be worth upgrading everything else first.

For most modern games, you need a monitor that can handle 1080p at a minimum, with higher-end graphics cards requiring 4k. So, consider what other hardware you will need before spending out on a graphics card.

Building Your Own Gaming PC

This may sound like an expensive option, but you can get a mid-range gaming PC relatively inexpensively in the current market, and you can customize the stack to what you want. So, you can ask for mid-range components with a higher level of the graphics card to maximize on gameplay.

Not only will you have a dedicated gaming PC, but you will also enjoy the visuals offered by a midrange unit. While we would all love to spend all of our extra income on our hobbies, gaming is one of those where the sky is the limit in terms of spending.

If you aren’t a professional or competitive gamer, then it may not necessarily be worth spending out all of your money on a top of the line gaming PC, as you will also need to spend more money on associated hardware, such as monitors that are capable of processing that level of graphics.

Final Thoughts

Stand-alone graphics cards aren’t vital to gaming, but they can certainly help to give you a more involved experience. All computers now come with an integrated graphics card as standard, but they aren’t designed to handle gameplay at a higher level.

If you have a modern PC and decent hardware, you will have no issue upgrading to a stand-alone graphics card, and even if you don’t, there are so many ways that you can increase your overall gaming experience through methods such as building your own gaming unit.

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