Great Moments Worth Remembering In Mobile Video History [Infographic]

Kids born today will never know what it’s like to only be able to record video if you have your big, bulky video camera handy. I remember how my grandfather would carry around his video camera and bright light to capture us kids on film whenever we’d visit. Nowadays, obviously we can take video anytime, anywhere on our phones. It’s one of the best core features of a smartphone. Today we’ll look at the great moments in mobile video history.

Mobile video encompasses a lot more than just the personal videos we all take at any time. For me personally, one of the great moments in mobile video history was the transition to watching television shows on our mobile devices. I remember when it became more popular to watch TV on the go than to watch it on a television in the living room.

This infographic called Great Moments In Mobile Video by Qualcomm Spark lists some of the best moments in mobile video history as it relates to television, sports, world events and movies. Looking through this timeline really highlights how much mobile video has had an impact on our lifestyle over the past several years.

The fact that in 2012, the documentary Searching for Sugar Man won an Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature just goes to show how powerful mobile video can be. It was the first time a film that was partially shot with an iPhone has won the prestigious award. Also, there is now a mobile film category at Cannes, which definitely shows the significance of mobile video. It’s also interesting to note that the Netflix mobile app now accounts for 4% of all mobile traffic. These really are some milestone moments in mobile video history.

Great Moments In Mobile Video History

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Via: [Social Media Today]