Guide On How To Sell Your Old PS4

Are you upgrading to a new gaming platform or just looking to clear some space and realized you don’t play games much? Whatever reasons you have to trade in PS4, this article will guide you through some crucial steps to take before handing over your PS4 to another person as well as what you can do to get the best possible deal for your PS4.

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Preparing Your Console

Before you hand over your PS4, it’s vital that you erase all the data in it and bring it back to the factory settings, especially if you are selling it to a stranger. It is preferable to back up the save data to ensure you do not lose the progress you have made in your games if you do not have a Play Station Plus membership.

Also, the digital games that you have already downloaded don’t need to be downloaded once again. This is useful if you’re planning to get a new PS4. Backing up your data is very easy, and it’s quite simple to transfer the data from your PS4’s storage to an external hard drive.

Deactivate The PS4 As Your Primary PS4

At this step, go to Settings and then Account Management. Select Activate as Your Primary PS4. Then choose Deactivate from the menu. Once that is done what remains is to wipe the memory. Factory reset can be done by going to the settings menu then Initialization. Select initialize PS4 and choose the Full option. This will take a few hours, and after this, you are good to go. It’s recommended that you clear all the data from your console. Otherwise, whoever buys the console can access your account and your games. Also, your bank account information if you have it on there.

Other than that clean your console properly and see if you have all the original accessories along with the original box the PS4 came in. If you want to advertise online, take pictures with a good quality camera and try to make your console look as appealing as possible. After that, box it neatly.

Getting A Good Deal

PS4 is still supported by plenty of new games that are coming out. This puts the PS4 very much in demand, and it’s a great time to upgrade with the PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro on the market. However, the most crucial factor that decides the value of your PS4 is if it is 100% functional.

Anything that is not will impact the price, but you should still be able to sell it to someone albeit for a lower price. Scratches on the outer body might not dent the price too much, but if you are missing the original controller or you have a faulty disc drive, then you might want to consider a lower price. Selling it directly is the most tedious task, but you are likely to get a higher price doing this.

Best Platforms To Use

Craigslist and eBay are good platforms to sell your PS4. eBay offers the option of selling your PS4 in an auction, but you will have to pay a fee based on what you get out of the sale.


When looking to sell your ps4, be sure to be upfront about any defects or issues with your console and mention them in your listing. If you don’t want to put in the effort, then you can use a trade-in service.

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