New 3D Printer Has The Ability To Erase Printing Errors

The 3D printing industry is currently entering a pretty interesting stage. Ordinary printers went from being loud and slow to being quiet, fast and precise, but they never really included the one feature we all wished they would have had, and that was a feature that would allow us to erase or delete what we printed. On the other hand, 3D printers might have this feature as standard. A new 3D printer was recently announced, and it’s said to sport an impressive undo feature.

The team behind this incredible new 3D printer, including students at the Southern California Institute of Architecture in Los Angeles, have been able to create a superior 3D printer that has the ability to erase and correct printing errors in a way that printers haven’t been able to do before. Not only does it have this innovative feature, but it is also the fastest 3D printer to date, according to the team.

The whole process is quite impressive, and it is a whole new take on how 3D printing works. The new 3D printer injects liquid resin into a gel tank, which traps the resin in its liquid form until it comes into contact with UV light. The resin then hardens and becomes the finalized 3D print. It’s while the resin is trapped in the gel that the erase process is possible. If you as a creator discover that something is not right with your model, you could easily erase and correct the error by basically pressing undo or adjusting the model on the screen.

This new 3D printer is also much faster than an ordinary 3D printer. The team behind this printer printed a wireframe cube on both their new 3D printer and an ordinary one and discovered that while the ordinary 3D printer takes about an hour to print the wireframe cube, their new 3D printer only took 30 seconds to print the same cube. With technology progressing this fast, we will soon see movie-like 3D printers entering our homes. Watch out, this printer is going to set the bar for future 3D printer features. You can be sure of it.

Innovative New 3D Printer Can Erase Printing Errors




Via: [psfk]