Gymnasium Floor Changes For Each Sport With A Touchscreen

This futuristic-looking gymnasium floor isn’t a concept design or something to look forward to in the future, it’s already being used. This is definitely one of the coolest technologies I’ve seen all week. As I’m sure you know, on a traditional gymnasium floor, sometimes the lines can get confusing. There are so many lines on the court for different sports, and the players just get used to which lines are for which. I never thought about it before, but that is a bit old-fashioned.

This new gymnasium floor design, which has a TRON flavor, changes within seconds with the use of a touchscreen. What I mean by “changes” is that the actual lines on the court change according to what sport is being played. If it’s basketball, LED lights illuminate the lines on the court for basketball. If it’s volleyball, LED lights illuminate on the court for volleyball. Etc..

In addition to this, the gymnasium floor can also display other things, like ads during halftime (even in video). This floor is made from tempered security glass, which can withstand a tremendous amount of weight and impact. The surface of the floor is etched to prevent reflection. That way, the lights won’t interfere with the players’ ability to play the game. This is being called the most advanced flooring system in the world. This suddenly makes sports more exciting to me, and it makes traditional gymnasium floors seem dull and boring.

This innovative flooring is called ASB Glassfloor, and it was created by ABS Systembau. It would be great if all schools and athletic centers could have this type of flooring. I hope it will at least be present at the next Olympics. Imagine that! You can read more about this on Discovery News.

Gymnasium Floor Changes In Seconds With A Touchscreen Panel




Via: [Design Taxi]