Hacker Creates A Real-Life PONG Arcade Table Game

I think it is safe to say that there is probably not a single person in the civilized world that has never heard or played PONG. You know, that iconic and trendsetting game that changed the course of video game history forever. PONG was released back in 1972 by Atari Incorporated and was the first video game to reach mainstream popularity. It has been talked about ever since and popular art, whether it be movies, music or otherwise, has used it more times than anyone could ever count.

A guy by the name of Daniel Perdomo thought it was time to bring PONG to life, so he started The PONG Project. What we mean with “bring to life” is something that we know will excite you beyond all sanity. Daniel took it upon himself to bring a set of designers together to create the world’s first real-life PONG arcade table. It’s a creation of beauty, and it could only be described as a crossover between air hockey and whatever awesome gadget you could find in any of the Tron movies.

When we here at Bit Rebels first saw it, it gave us goosebumps! Judging from the documented process of creating this highly advanced and technological wonder, it has taken quite some time to iron out all the difficulties and develop exactly how to bring the fluid movements into a real mechanical arcade PONG table. Fast forward a couple “however long it took to create a working iteration” and the version we are able to check out now is as streamlined as the bodywork of a Ferrari.

What I wouldn’t give to try it out or even own one of these PONG tables when it is finally done. It would be one of the best conversation starters ever to grace the space of a geeks livingroom. The PONG Project is an ongoing project that is still under development, but we are hoping that once all the flaws have been ironed out and all the features have been polished and finalized, we will all be able to put one of these into our lives. My guess is, however, that it’s going to cost you an arm and a half to acquire one. If you have a thick wallet, prepare to haul it out of your pocket because you are going to want to pick one of these up. If anything, it’s destined to be one of the most iconic arcade games ever to be created!

The Real-Life PONG Arcade Table

The Pong Arcade Table

The Pong Arcade Table

The Pong Arcade Table