Handy Cam In Its True Sense!

It’s no joke that digital cameras are getting much smaller and much easier to use with greater results. When I look at today’s cameras and see what they can do, I am always surprised about the wealth of features that are packed into these handy gadgets. Even though most digital cameras work on a digital perspective, they never seem to be able to really pull off that “Depth of Field” feature quite nicely. But then again, you get what you pay for right?

Carrying around those sometimes bulky little pieces of wonder can be a pain and it’s sometimes really hard to keep a low profile and not look like a tourist. Designer Zo Woo Geun created a neat little handy cam that really lives up to its name in every sense. The “HAN.DI” camera is a true beauty. Instead of having to wear the camera around your neck, it’s worn around you wrist and can easily be taken off for you to begin shooting pics whenever you want.

The “HAN.DI” cam also comes with a really unique little feature that I think is going to be a real hit. On the actual camera is a little detachable remote control which will enable you to take pictures of yourself and group photos whenever you want. On the remote is also a little screen which shows you the picture before and after you have taken it so you can adjust your position to what suits you best in the picture. The camera’s size is adjustable so you can wear it on your arm or wrist, whatever you prefer.

The concept is simple and easy and I am sure it will become one of those “see everywhere” gadgets when you’re checking out the coolest and geekiest tourist locations.