Hardcover Books augmented with iPhone? Is this Possible?

Want to curl up with a good book on your iPhone? Well how about that book’s companion iPhone app then, or maybe an enhanced iPhone edition of the story itself, complete with audio, video and text all for the price of a hardcover? Welcome to the new world order of books where iPhones are reinventing everything about publishing too. In this weeks New Media Minute,

Daisy Whitney shares two of the most innovative book-to-iPhone examples with a peek into how marketing expert Bob Gilbreath is using the smartphone to augment his new book The Next Evolution of Marketing and how novelist Nick Cave is enhancing his tale of The Death of Bunny Munro.

Truly there is an app for everything.  Publishers are now looking at creating or integrating apps when they create a book.  Now consumers have the choice to either read the book or read it via ebook.  This is particularly helpful for the marketing literature using case studies.  before when one read a book and a case study is included there is always the risk of the examples being outdated.  Having a version on the iphone lets one update case studies with newer stats and information.