Peek Screen Allows You Total iPhone Privacy In A Public Setting

Our smartphones have become our lives and without them, more people than we think would feel lost. We depend on our smartphone’s incredible power and usefulness in every situation. They have become so smart that we can do almost anything with them. But there is one growing issue more important than any other, our privacy. While we can do thing such as effortlessly check out bank statements and buy things online, the potential for a privacy breach is getting ever higher. That is where the Peek Screen comes in.

The Peek Screen is more or less a rollback of our previous smartphone screens. Our screens have become more advanced, however, viewing it from an angle shows its content bright and clear. This is something that has become and issue for many when they are out and about. People can just take a peek, and they know exactly what you are up to. Not a particularly smart solution if we are looking at it from a privacy perspective, right?

[pullquote]A new cover glass called Peek Screen will give you your privacy back again.[/pullquote] It will make angular viewing an impossible task while yet keeping your iPhone’s screen bright and clear for you. You might remember smartphones having the issue of fading slightly when viewed from an angle back in the day. That is what Peek Screen adds back to your phone without taking away from any other feature on your iPhone.

Peek Screen is currently in Kickstarter mode and with 57 days to go the campaign has already raised around 35% of the intended goal. There is definitely a market for a cover glass like Peek Screen and it shows when looking at the number of pledges it has received so far. Have a look at it on their Kickstarter page and learn more about this quite nifty little addition to your iPhone.

Sometimes technology rollbacks can be a good thing. This seems to be one of those times, and we think this could have a successful run as an iPhone accessory. Will the Peek Screen annoy you when you have it laying on a table and you get a message as you can’t immediately see who it’s from? That could possibly be the case. At least if you get a lot of messages per day. What do you think? Does the Peek Screen have a place on your iPhone? Let us know in the comment section below.

Peek Screen – Giving You Your Privacy Back

Peek Screen iPhone Cover Glass

Peek Screen iPhone Cover Glass