Have Fun: 6 Google Websites You Haven’t Seen Before

Since it’s been all over the Internet the past two days, by now you’ve probably heard that Google broke a record with one BILLION users in one-month. This happened last month in May. Microsoft is currently in second place with 905 million visitors and Facebook is in third place with 714 million monthly users. Yahoo was in third place up until recently, but Facebook booted Yahoo right down into 4th place.

Some people love Google and some people hate Google, but regardless of your opinion, one thing is for sure. Our lives are completely different now that Google is a part of it. I think I go to that website at least twenty times a day. It’s part of my daily life.

I thought a fun way to celebrate Google’s world domination would be to have a little fun on a few Google websites that you probably haven’t seen before. They are pointless and have no purpose at all, but hey, they are perfect for a five-minute brain distraction right now. These are all created by Constant Dullaart. In addition to the four I’ve linked and illustrated below, you can also check out The Disagreeing Internet (Awww… he shakes his head no) and The Doubting Internet. The Revolving Internet below is my favorite because I like the tune “Windmills of Your Life.” It’s fun stuff!

The Revolving Internet
Fun Google Website Creations

The Censored Internet
Fun With Google Websites

The Internet Spread
Fun With Google Websites

The Sleeping Internet
Fun With Google Websites

Via: [Today and Tomorrow]