WHOA! – Microsoft HoloLens Brings Games Into Our Reality

It’s one of the most groundbreaking gaming accessories to be announced in years and demos of it seem to defy the very fabric of what we know about gaming. I am of course talking about the Microsoft HoloLens. When coupled with Minecraft it gave us a peek at what it could do but it couldn’t prepare us for what this recent demo would unfold. The HoloLens simply brings gaming into our reality, and it’s awesome in every single imaginable way.

Virtual reality has long been the holy grail of gaming but few companies, if any, have been able to touch the chord that would resonate with computer users and gamers around the world. It’s just in the last couple of years that the technology has been showing great potential and also syncing with what the audience want. It’s rather simple; the users want something awesome and something that will make their virtual reality dreams come true. That could very well be the HoloLens if you ask me.

Just a couple of days ago, Microsoft hosted another demo of the HoloLens and its capabilities. They showed us something that they called “mixed reality” and it blew us away. Using the HoloLens, you can have your game characters interact with your real environment, no matter what it is. It’s a new level of gaming experience and one that could very well become the next big thing.

Sure, I am pushing my positivity forward because I love virtual reality, but in all honesty, the potential that the HoloLens projects is remarkable. Having enemies crawl around on walls, on your couch, hiding behind a table and sneaking their way up behind your back is a dimension of gaming that we haven’t seen before. Of course, the demo is a basic proof of concept. However, we know game developers are way more creative with their ideas. I don’t doubt it for a second that they could make the HoloLens gaming experience into something unearthly.

I am writing like I was a spokesman for the HoloLens, but the fact is that it’s a technology that I can’t wait to see evolve. I have one bad thing to say about it, though. The bad thing about the HoloLens is that it’s not available to the consumers yet. I think that Microsoft would have profited a whole lot more from being able to offer this product to the eager minds of today’s gaming community. To sum it all down, Microsoft HoloLens brings games into our reality.

Microsoft HoloLens Gaming Demonstration Video

Microsoft HoloLens Mixed Reality

Microsoft HoloLens Mixed Reality

Microsoft HoloLens Mixed Reality