HealthTech Innovators Move Toward Wound Documentation & Care With These Devices

Wound care is certainly important, and the rise of new HealthTech to advance wound care is more innovative than ever before. Traditional wound care is somewhat unreliable with antiquated care and tracking.

But digital tech in the HealthTech space is making a powerful impact on those traditional methodologies. Innovation in this field is enticing more tech entrepreneurs, something worth considering as the pandemic continues to play out across the globe.

There are wound care tech devices being used in clinical environments. These devices are innovating the way wound care is facilitated, as well as wound documentation. For example, wound imaging devices can give clinicians imagery of healing and help identify infections.

HealthTech for wound care and wound documentation is valuable. The conventional wound care practices do not deliver the detailed information and imagery needed. However, tech innovation is connecting the dots for patients and clinicians alike. This medical intelligence is revolutionary for the healthcare industry.

Let’s take a closer look at the HealthTech innovators in the area of wound documentation and wound care.

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MolecuLight Wound Care Device

The MolecuLight advanced wound care device is an innovative HealthTech product from MolecuLight, a Canadian medical imaging company. The company’s primary focus is wound care technology and the advancement of wound documentation.

Their list of products all serve up solutions for wound issues in the clinical setting. The wound care solutions MolecuLight provides to clinicians and patients range from basic to advanced wound care. This company is certainly worth looking into when it comes to medical industry disruption in the wound documentation and wound care space.

Digital MedLab Innovative HealthTech Software

Another company that is all about HealthTech innovation is Digital MedLab. This company has its headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland, and focuses on digital software in the healthcare industry.

One innovative software is +WoundDesk, a software program that is compatible with mobile devices. It helps provide exceptional patient management for documenting medical cases with wounds. Patients can use Digital MedLab’s software program with their clinicians in order to give them up-to-date detailed information.

The software +WoundDesk delivers a surface assessment of a wound site and rates it using a scoring system based on severity. Clinicians can then utilize this wound data to set up healing metrics and potential infections. Treatment options are also given via the software program to help patients get the best wound care possible.

Parable Health Progressive Wound Care Tech

Doctors armed with analytics can make a big difference in wound care. Parable Health, a New York-based company, does just that. By providing analytics to clinicians, doctors and patients get a visual on wound care and the healing process.

This innovative healthcare technology Parable Health delivers can paint a clear picture for stage by stage wound healing, wound care, and wound documentation. This can speed recovery, as well as identify any infection issues before they are difficult to manage for patients.

What is involved? Parable Health developed a software program called SmartCapture, a software that can be used with a smartphone and iPad/tablet camera. Patients can take pictures of wounds using their smart device cameras and upload them to a secure portal for doctors to assess the wound site and deliver care options.

One tech-minded feature of the software program is the wound healing time-lapse, an overlay of images the patients have taken over time. This shows how fast and how well the wound is healing, or subsequently, not healing.


WoundVision is another HealthTech company with innovation in their company’s DNA. Based in Indiana, WoundVision developed a medical wound care device that lets clinicians perform wound care via scanning imagery.

The images scanned with the wound care device have physical and physiological properties, helping doctors and nurses analyze the wound site in more detail. This device is called Scout, which also has a detailed wound site measurement component too. It is FDA approved and certainly a HealthTech device worth looking at as a budding entrepreneur.

Is Developing New HealthTech Devices On Your Entrepreneur Mind?

As a student at WPI, you have the ability to enter HealthTech as an entrepreneur, possibly developing the next innovative HealthTech device. Wound care and wound documentation is one space worth considering when it comes to healthcare industry disruption at the clinical level.

Companies like those listed above are making technological advances in HealthTech. Drawing from their innovative prowess to develop your own product for a booming industry can create new pathways to success. What product are you going to create?

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