How Technology Is Changing Traditional Games

The progress of innovative technology has seemed endless over the last decade and traditional games such as board games and poker are among those that have been transformed for the digital age. The rise of online and mobile gaming has provided enthusiasts with the ability to play monopoly, roulette, solitaire and other long-standing favorites at any time on any device in virtual worlds that replicate real environments. This trend is prevalent across the whole gaming spectrum and has resulted in a significant shift in how these games are played, consumed and talked about among peers. While some still prefer the tangible nature of board games and casino games, ever-evolving technology has breathed new life into them and enabled billions of people across the globe with a smartphone or computer to play without limits.

Panoramic 360 Video

Tech is also now changing how live poker tournaments are filmed and is bringing with it new and innovative ways for the viewer to get more information about proceedings and get closer to the action. At an 888 local event at Aspers Casino in London in 2016, panoramic 360 videos were used to follow leading pros such as Kara Scott and Dominik Nitsche. 360 video (immersive video) increases viewer immersion by using multiple, overlapping cameras to create a real-world panorama offering an interactive experience for the audience as they can manipulate the angle themselves to get a unique take on what is happening, hand by hand. The use of this technology for traditional games is an exciting development and is yet another sign that these games will continue to adapt and change as the digital landscape continues to evolve.

Board Games And Puzzles

The touch screen has also transformed board games and puzzles. A recent report revealed that 60 percent of parents say their child now uses a touchscreen on a device such as a tablet and this has heralded an influx of traditional games ported to the small screen, such as solitaire, Monopoly, and Trivial Pursuit. These connected games offer a number of benefits over their conventional counterparts including the ability to play everywhere in HD quality graphics, track in-depth statistics, connect and play with multiple players via local Wi-Fi and a number of customization options relating to difficulty and time limits. Mobile has taken the traditional game and built on it, giving people more options and more ways to play than ever before.

Chess is another traditional game forever being changed by technology and was one of the first to feel the effect of the digital world back in the 1980s. Now, regions across the globe can produce excellent players through digital programs, analytics, and other tech innovations. Technology is also having a huge impact on the capability of AI opponents in games such as chess and the traditional Go Chinese strategy game.

Online Poker

Poker has seen a seismic shift from real world play to online games since the advent of the Internet. Online poker rooms enable both pros and players of varying ability to face off against each other in lobbies. Texas Hold’em has been a particularly popular variant of the traditional game since the tech boom and thousands of players regularly partake in online tournaments, sit ‘n’ go’s and cash games. It cannot be overstated how tech has transformed poker and made it accessible to so many players. [pullquote]Before the Internet, players had to drive to physical venues to play in a single game.[/pullquote] Now, they can play multiple games across multiple screens in their own homes. Online websites and dedicated programs have been key to the tech poker boom, and they are now supplemented by mobile apps. These apps allow players to play poker on their smartphones and tablets on Android and iOS wherever they are. From the morning commute to work, to a huge event or at home, people can log in, play for real money, partake in a variety of Vegas-style casino games and take advantage of a range of features.

Innovative Tech

The technology that has changed traditional games forever includes superfast broadband, web design and programming and 4G mobile networks. These innovations have enabled talented teams to create apps and websites that are accessible in real time across a range of platforms, at any time. It has also provided the personal interaction and intimacy necessary for these tabletop and board games to thrive. Further tech changes are emerging with 360 video joined by the arrival of virtual reality (VR). Microsoft’s innovative HoloLens is among the headsets that could change traditional gaming yet again in the coming years.

Innovation Is Changing Traditional Games Forever

Technology Innovation Traditional Games