Hello Kitty Now Analyzes The Fat In Your Body!

I grew up with Sanrio products, especially Kiro Kiropi, Little Twin Stars, My Melody, and of course, the ever famous Hello Kitty fun trinkets and toys. I’m sure you’ve noticed, it is the Hello Kitty franchise that has remained popular all these years. Who would have imagined that a sweet kitty with a little red bow on her head would be such a hit. I used to collect everything Hello Kitty including hair brushes, tooth brushes, vanity mirrors, bags of all kinds, and even t-shirts when I was a child. I also made my own version of Hello Kitty drawings. I wish I had kept them!

I’m sure you’ve seen that Diana and Richard have posted some very cool geeky gadgets from Hello Kitty, and now I have found one that is quite different from what we are used to when it comes to Hello Kitty fun stuff. Now they have a Hello Kitty gadget that actually analyzes body fat. The Hello Kitty Body Fat Meter is a good device to have around if you are serious about losing weight. The BF-071-KT is a health meter that comes in four types. The illustrations on the monitor guide you through your calculation of body fat. Along with this comes the D-041-KT, which is a numeric value health meter.

Image Credits:  [gary718 / Shutterstock]