Here’s An Inflatable Pool For Your…Boat!

If you thought you’d seen it all, then this is going to make you realize you haven’t. I have always thought that if you own a boat, that means you’re kind of close to the water when you’re on it, especially if it’s in the water being used. However, I guess I was wrong cause if you need a pool when you’re on a boat then I wonder what the least of your problems are.

Is it possibly because you’re afraid of the fish or the sharks in the water? Well it could be, but I don’t think that the designer of this highly geeky and cool inflatable pool thought about that when he got his idea. No matter how much I think about it, I still can’t come up with a reason why you would need an inflatable pool on a boat.

However, I am prepared to admit that I like it. Wouldn’t it be cool just to have that inflatable pool blown up to reveal your own full size family pool right there in the ocean? Imagine the other boat owner’s jealousy when they see you’re throwing the coolest pool party ever… on the sea. It just doesn’t get any better than that… does it?