Here’s The EPIC Solution To The Beer Foam Problem!

You’re at home on a hot day, and a beer would be the perfect fit right at this moment. Usually you bring out your appropriately sized beer glass and start pouring. Not working so well, is it? You get a ton of foam that will keep you from enjoying your beer sooner rather than later. You stand there trying to pour in more beer every now and then only to find that with each pour you are getting more foam. It’s an annoyance that has been one of man’s biggest paradoxes.

But worry no more, there is now a solution for that, one that will make you go… tilt! The designers at Sinapsis Team (yeah, it apparently took an entire team to solve this one) decided to take on the problem. They came up with the only true way to prevent beer from foaming.

Tilting the glass is all you can do really to prevent the beer from foaming, and that’s exactly what this solution is all about. However, there is one exception. You don’t have to tilt the glass yourself because it’s already tilted. How genius! Why didn’t I think of that? Well, of course it’s a given solution… but I still think it’s a great product, and I wouldn’t mind having a few of these bad boys in the cabinet to whip out when I’ve got company. It could also be a solution for the guys working at the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Maybe then their beer will stay straight and in the glass.