High Power Laser Weapon Is A Halo Fan’s Wet Dream

We love custom builds here at Bit Rebels! Especially when it is directly taken from a video game or a movie. A YouTuber that goes by the name of “LaserGadgets” has created perhaps the coolest Halo-inspired weapon to date. Pushing creativity to the very edge of technology is something that will benefit the future of technology as a whole. I can’t count the times a home tinkerer has created something that has altered the course of history. It all starts with creativity and a high power laser, of course!

This weapon is tricked out with a bunch of LEDs and trinkets making it look like something from the future. You might think it looks like a toy, something to mess around with when roleplaying with your buddies. But don’t let the shiny things deceive you! This Halo-inspired weapon sports a high power laser that can burn things to a crisp. Or as one of the commenters say in the YouTube commenting section -“LaserGadgets the type of guy who never gets invited for LaserTag cause his friends are scared for their lives!” (DeliriousCookie)

Building amazing and functional stuff like this will have that effect on people. Whether real laser weapons will look like this in the future, who knows? What makes this high power laser weapon so cool is the clean design and implemented features. Perhaps we should call them eye-candy instead.

The video below demonstrates the real power of the weapon. Even though the laser is not anything compared to what we see in science fiction movies, it’s still quite dangerous. You will see it being tested on everything from sausages to oranges. As you can see, this is not a toy! Any contact with human skin and it will burn you.

Is this high power laser the first stage of a string of future functioning laser weapons? Probably not, but it is a build that is worth all the attention it can get! Do you know of any other science fiction builds that could rival this one? Please let us know in the comment section below.

 Real Halo-Inspired High Power Laser Weapon

High Power Laser Halo Weapon

High Power Laser Halo Weapon