High Tech Bike Handlebars Use GPS & Bluetooth To Log Rides

As technology gets more mobile, we are bound to see more gadgets and devices that previously were not technofied get connectivity. We have seen the this “revolution” with technology being incorporated into ovens, fridges and a whole list of other devices. The incredible power of WiFi and Bluetooth has brought a new awareness to all of us it seems. Even our bikes are now being technofied, which you can experience if you ever have the pleasure of riding a bike with these high tech bike handlebars presented by Helios.

If you’re looking to squeeze a clearer picture out of your bike ride, these Helios high tech bike handlebars will be the right tool to consider. Since these handlebars have smartphone connectivity, you will be able to log data and statistics, accurately locate your bike via GPS, and also allow for real-time navigation. Not only that, but these Helios bike handlebars also have integrated lighting that responds to the rider’s behavior. This is something that should come as great news for anyone wanting a safer experience when riding a bike.

The incorporated lighting even has Proximity Detection, which means the bike senses your presence and automatically turns on the headlight when you are near, and off when you walk away. On top of that, these Helios bike handlebars also have left and right blinkers, which will help traffic and pedestrians around you know exactly what you are about to do. This is something that has come to be a great safety feature. Many innovators are trying to make blinkers standard on handlebars these days.

The rear lights can be customized to whatever color you prefer, and they will also change color depending on how fast you are going. The rear lights will also indicate and alert people around you when turns are approaching. Of course, these high tech bike handlebars come with a nifty iOS app which connects with your bike handlebars and lets you customize all the features according to your own preferences.

Helios’ High Tech GPS Bike Handlebars




Via: [psfk]