HolePunch: Here’s How You Bring Love Back To The Office…

I know a lot of people that dread every Monday morning because that’s the day when a whole new week of endless working begins. It’s not so much that they don’t like their jobs, but because they like their free time a lot more. When you are self-employed, it’s a whole different thing I guess. Sure, you can make up your own time as long as you meet the deadlines that you are working against, but it’s also a whole different situation. No game, no pay so to speak.

How can you bring some joy and love back to the office? After all, it’s a place where you spend a great part of your life. First off, it helps to have a bunch of great co-workers who smile and cheer you on no matter how rough and tough it gets. Now you can also punch some holes that will not only make you smile, but make your co-workers smile as well.

It’s the HolePunch, and what it does is simple. Instead of punching those circular holes into those papers that you want to file, it punches a heart shaped hole instead. It’s enough to make that day of yours wander off into the land of smiles instead of those bleak pale days of regular hole punching. I know I am going to regret saying this, but how much joy can a simple hole really make… #BeginThePun It’s available over at SUCK.uk.com and sells for £10.