On Holiday In Autumn? – Don’t Forget To Secure Your Home

Are you going on holiday this autumn? Spending the week in a cozy cottage in the forest? Or spending a long weekend in a hotel and wellness resort? Whatever your destination, don’t forget to keep your home safe and secure when you’re away.

Although many people stay at home more often due to the pandemic, burglars are still active. Nothing is worse than coming home after a lovely holiday and noticing that someone has broken into your house. To prevent that from happening, make sure to read our tips below!

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1. Close All Windows

An open window is an easy entry for burglars to your home. Therefore, it’s important to check if all windows are closed before you leave. Pay extra attention to those windows that are open a lot.  For example, the windows in the bathroom and bedroom that provide adequate ventilation and fresh air.

2. Lock All Doors

Closing the door behind you without actually locking it often happens when you leave the house for just a few hours – for example, to go to the grocery store. It, however, has become a habit to not lock the door properly. This is especially risky if you go away for a longer period of time. After all, an unlocked door is an easy way in for burglars – even if it’s closed.

3. Lights On

If we go to bed or leave our house, we often turn the lights off for the simple reason that it saves energy and thus money. But if you decide to go away for the week/weekend, it’s wise to leave certain lights on. Lights scare burglars away.

They often think someone is home if the lights are on, which increases the risk of getting seen and/or caught. A bright outdoor lamp that switches on when it detects movement also scares burglars away. After all, they don’t want to be identified by others.

4. Security System

Closing your windows, locking your doors, and leaving the lights on is just the basics and sometimes even not enough. Especially if you have valuable belongings, it may be wise to install an alarm system and some security cameras—a professional security camera such a Dahua camera records suspicious activity in a detailed way.

If you install an advanced alarm system, for example, a Jablotron or Ajax alarm system (Dutch: Ajax alarm system), you can monitor your home from any location at any time. The alarm system sends you a notification in case of movements, but also smoke and fire, water, and glass breakage.

If you have an alarm system and camera, you can immediately check what’s going on in your house after you received a notification on your phone. If necessary, you can directly call the cops. Are you going away for the week/weekend? Always check your windows, lights, and doors before you leave your house and use advanced equipment for optimum security.

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