How To Avoid Abandonment Of Your Mobile App

Researches show that 25% of users abandon mobile apps after one use. But these numbers change as time passes. Apps are the main part of everyone’s life. Once developers create a new app, every person worldwide wants to use it. Mobile apps creators endeavor to make something to ease your life to be helpful for users.

Sometimes, some people may not welcome the apps that they use and abandon them. Here are some tips for your business and your app to create and have better apps that all people worldwide want to have.

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Notifications have good and bad effects on your brand and business. It can be a call to action for you and connect you to your users, by sending Emails, for example. Notification can give you a chance to introduce your app to others, on the other hand overdoing it can harm your business and annoy people who use your app.

Lots of push notifications can easily annoy users. Most people abandon apps that have push notifications a lot. Be careful of too many notifications, because it can be a way to prevent your app from growing.


The majority of users know that free apps are free because of ads. As a result, they’re prepared to tolerate advertising in applications as long as they’re not invasive. Intrusive ads like too many push notifications can be annoying for users.

For instance, you can ask them before showing the ads if they want to see ads or not, announce them before display advertisements like the app will appear in 10 seconds, or you can represent ads every 15 minutes.


Once your users find out that your app is secure, they may become loyal users for you. You should ensure that your app is safe for them, their information, and build trust. Building trust brings you more users, and the more users you get, the better it is for you to grow your business and brand.

If users don’t find out your app is secure, they abandon your app. So one of the important things to focus on is the safety and security of the app you create. Now that technology improves day by day people want to have something secure.

Besides, knowing about android application development in Australia can help you by developing your app and tightening your app security.


While coding, if something goes wrong, it can cause damage to your application. Most users uninstall or remove apps that have issues like crashes, errors, freezes, or bugs. The best way to get rid of these issues is to pay attention to areas that may have errors.

And also testing apps before publishing can be a helpful way to notice the bugs, errors, and crashes.

Technically speaking, a crash can mean many different things: the operating system closed it; the process hung; the application interface stopped responding, or something else. All you need to do is figure that out.

Load Time

Another thing that can hamper your app from abandonment is to have a shorter load time. With technology improving, time becomes shorter, and everyone waits as short as possible to see the load time of your app. When mobile applications abandon it means to keep others to load the page, so others quickly abandon that.

The best load time is under two or three seconds. Try to have a fast load time, to load the content you want to show as fast as possible. Don’t keep your users waiting. Give them what they want to satisfy them.

Battery Life

Mobile phones and smartphones come with many great features, but each one of them may take a toll on the mobile’s battery life. The screen, wi-fi radios, or Bluetooth can be the main areas to put a large toll on the battery life.

The impact of your application on the battery life will be determined by how you utilize these resources. The frequent usage of cellular and wi-fi networks to upload or download material necessitates the use of network calls. Examine where you might be able to combine or decrease network calls.

UX Design

Poor user experience design can confuse users, put them on the wrong pathways, and take their aim away. But on the other hand, by good UX design you can have the best pathways to achieve your goal and even the users can easily achieve their goals, too.

Another way to avoid abandonment of your mobile app is to create and have a good and professional user experience design. For knowing and deciding which UI/UX design is better for your app, you can take a look at UI/UX design essentials.


What does omnichannel mean? – Also spelled omnichannel is a multichannel strategy to sales that attempts to give customers a seamless buying experience, whether they’re purchasing online from a mobile device or desktop.

It’s good to build an omnichannel experience to understand the reason why and when your customers switch from using a mobile device to a computer. And it’s a key to keeping users on the app on any device either mobile or computer.

It also is a way to show the features of different versions of the app to different devices; because it doesn’t make sense to suggest the same features within an app on different kinds of devices.


To prevent your app from abandonment there are ways you can use it to have more users. Apps are here to help you grow your business and brand. Introduce your app to others, use tighter security, have a good Ux design that fits your app, and build an omnichannel for people who want to use other devices like laptops or computers.

And as well as you should consider the toll on battery life, the less load time, for example, around 3 seconds, don’t forget crashes and errors, try to fix them. And about ads and push notifications try to manage them and don’t overdo them.

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