How To Build A Virtual Makeup App Like YouCam

Virtual try-on digital products are progressively thriving within beauty, makeup, cosmetics, retail, e-commerce, and even social media domains. Technology-driven companies facilitate user acquisition, results-driven marketing campaigns, high user retention, and low product return rates through delivering never-seen-before trailblazing AR experiences that also help outperform core market rivals.

YouCam is among the industry-leading virtual makeup app examples boasting millions of installs, thousands of daily active users, and skyrocketing sales and revenues. The digital offering has revolutionized the way brands communicate with customers through immersive AR-enabled capabilities.

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However, many vendors are still puzzled over the viability of building an app like YouCam since custom app development requires up to 12 months of continuous delivery and $200,000 of investments. These factors slow down the go-to-market strategy and minimize chances to seize the competitive edge as other market-related players set up live and running in months or even less.

Here comes a software development kit or a whitelabel solution that accelerates the time to market by offering pre-made ready-to-use and easy-to-customize modules of must-have features that companies can easily integrate into their existing app architectures within days.

If this resonates with your current business needs, the post will figure out how to develop an app like YouCam adopting SDK or whitelabel approaches.

Virtual Makeup Apps like YouCam – Nuts And Bolts

YouCam is a DeepTech-based beauty camera app released by PerfectCorp – a Taiwan-located market-leading cosmetics vendor backed with $100M investments. The app provides AR-powered all-in-one virtual makeup try-on capabilities that enable users to try virtual products in real-time. The computer vision-based face tracking technology locates users’ facial features and upgrades them by applying hair, eye coloring, and other built-in effects.

The main killer features of YouCam are:

  • Virtual Makeup to test lipstick, eye shadow, foundation, etc.
  • Beauty Advisor 1-on-1 to get personalized product recommendations.
  • Hair Color Try On to test hair colors.
  • AI Skin Diagnostic to assess skin health.
  • Virtual Accessories to try on accessories in real-time.

YouCam changes the users’ shopping experience by offering to try on multiple brand-centric makeup products virtually thus enabling users to avoid time-consuming in-store shopping and traditional offline scenarios. This way, customers no longer need to face no-fit scenarios and spend tons of time on home-to-store trips.

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If you’re preparing to develop and launch a YouCam-like application, tailor-made app development is the first thing that comes to mind. However, it’s about spending up to 12 months of project development and $200,000 to deliver an AR-powered solution that may become a product-market fit. More than that, chances are high of facing delays and error-full scenarios, which may slow down the go-to-market period.

Fortunately, there are two effective ways to develop YouCam-like products way more time- and cost-effectively. They are software development kits and whitelabel approaches that skyrocket the time-to-market process and let avoid spending fortunes of time and funds to deliver an MVP or a market-ready solution. Let’s now compare both options to figure out what fits your business model best.

SDK vs Whitelabel Makeup App – What Fits Your Business

AR-enabled virtual makeup and beauty software development kits are technology-driven kits with pre-made modules that provide ready-to-use augmented reality-centric features and capabilities. Tech-powered companies can integrate ready-made SDK solutions right into their virtual products and set the virtual makeup functionality up and running within days.

The AR Makeup SDK by Banuba Limited is a must-watch example of an AI-based and AR-enabled development kit powered by face tracking technologies that enable brands to save tons of time and funds on custom app development initiatives.

The essential functionalities of Banuba’s SDK include:

  • Real-time makeover
  • Face beautification: skin smoothing, morphing
  • Acne removal
  • Eye bag removal
  • Virtual hair color try on
  • Portrait tools for photo and video editing
  • Face filters and AR effects.

When You Should Choose Virtual Makeup SDK

Virtual makeup SDKs are an investment-worthy choice for small-to-medium-sized companies and large-scale enterprises that have in-house technical resources and IT staff to integrate the software development kit seamlessly. Whether vendors need to empower their market-ready web and mobile solutions with augmented reality experiences or facilitate their existing business-related applications, SDK products help skyrocket the go-to-market (GTM) strategy.

So, AR- and AI-driven virtual makeup SDKs are a great option when you:

  • Have in-house technical resources, IT staff, or an outsourced technology partner to integrate pre-made modules and support them further.
  • Have your own 3D design departments or an outsourced team to create brand-customized in-app content like makeup looks and AR-powered filters.
  • Have an existing web or mobile application and want to avoid spending fortunes of time and funds on pricey and long-run custom app development initiatives.
  • Want to create an app from scratch.

4 Pros Of Whitelabel-Based Virtual Makeup Apps Like YouCam

  • Lightning-fast and error-free product launch
  • Tried & tested user retention strategies
  • 0 development and support costs as you no longer need to hire tech-savvy teams for development and support initiatives as it’s handled on the vendor’s side
  • Mitigated risks as a white label makeup app refer to a tried and tested market-ready functionality designed for tailor-made business needs.

When To Purchase A WhiteLabel Virtual Makeup App Like YouCam

A whitelabel approach is a must-have option mostly for SMBs and medium-sized businesses that don’t have in-house technical resources or are limited in time and need to launch their AR-powered digital product as quickly as possible.

So, here are 4 factors indicating that purchasing a whitelabel virtual makeup app is a great choice:

  • Want to launch quickly or explore the market interest
  • Don’t have internal development or design resources
  • Want to engage millennials with beauty AR experiences but don’t have the resources or time to develop an app from scratch

Have a beauty brand or cosmetic store looking to explore new channels of client acquisition.

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