Future Retail Store: Gesture-Controlled Shopping Window Prototype

Along with everything else, ordinary stores are getting more and more technofied, and we’re seeing features in stores that we haven’t seen before. You might remember the Like Hanger I wrote about some time ago and how it had increased sales by quite a bit. People seem to like the thought of being able to help and supply themselves with interactive information through in-store technologies. The future retail store is all about that and a whole lot more.

Innovators and developers are innovating beyond what all of us thought was possible in order to not increase sales for future retail stores, but also to make it easier for all of us to find what we really want. An inconvenience is of course when you really need to buy something, and the store has closed. What then? This new future retail store interactive shopping window could definitely change our habits when it comes to shopping out in the real world. You know the one that is not driven by the Internet connection you so dearly protect.

The idea comes from +rehabstudio, and they wanted to prototype the ultimate interactive digital display shopping window, which engages consumers by adapting its content to suit whoever stands in front of it. This means that whenever you walk by and actually get interested in what the display is showing, it will pick certain suggestions for you depending on a number of factors. The future retail store will identify a shopper when they get within close proximity by utilizing Bluetooth low energy (BLE).  This not only personalizes the shopping experience, but could also increase sales for the store itself as the consumer will more likely find something that he or she wants to buy.

Don’t think that these displays are storefront only though, quite the opposite. With this technology, the future retail store could potentially set them up as street billboards, at bus stops or even at train stations and further increase their sales even though the consumer is not shopping in the actual retail store. The concept is so appealing to people that we here at Bit Rebels think that it is just a matter of time before we’ll see these future retail stores all over the world. We’re definitely going towards a more science fiction edged reality.

+rehabstudio’s Future Retail Store Interactive Technology

Future Retail Store Storefront

Future Retail Store Storefront

Future Retail Store Storefront

Via: [psfk]