How To Choose The Right Squarespace Plan For Your Website

Finding the right Squarespace plan for your site is more difficult than it may seem. The right plan should help you maximize your site’s potential. It should give you access to all the features you need and match your budget. Follow these tips to choose the perfect Squarespace for your business.

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1. Checkout The Options

Start off by comparing your options. Squarespace has four unique plans, and all of them are appropriate for different business needs.

Personal Plan

This plan is perfect for small businesses with two or fewer site contributors. It offers them basic requirements like writing a blog, displaying a portfolio, and a business description. With this plan, your site will be able to hold up to 1,000 customized pages. Other benefits that you can enjoy include

  • 24/7 customer support
  • mobile optimization
  • SSL security
  • Website analytics
  • A custom domain for free for a year

Business Plan

This plan is appropriate for businesses that need a comprehensive package. It supports unlimited site contributors and admins for the site. It works great for both big and small businesses that need third-party integration, an online store, and customization code blocks. It has all features from the Personal Plan with the following additions:

  • Google Adwords Credit worth $100.00
  • Announcement bars
  • Promotional pop-ups
  • Access to the Developer Platform and GSuite
  • Commerce analytics
  • Ability to accept donations
  • Advanced website metrics

Basic Commerce

The Basic Commerce plan is suitable for small businesses that mainly focus on their online stores. It offers Commerce templates and allows limited sales.

Other features of the plan include:

  • Customer accounts
  • No transaction fees
  • Customers can shop from your site on Instagram
  • Inventory, tax, order, and coupons management
  • Commerce analytics
  • Label printing through Shipstation

Advanced Commerce

The Advanced Commerce plan is perfect for businesses whose websites accumulate high volumes of online sales. It makes it easy for such sites to handle every aspect of their online store in one place. It offers everything in the Basic Commerce plan with the following additions:

  • You can set a limit on the number of times discount codes can be applied
  • Accepting and selling gift cards on your online store
  • Abandoned cart recovery

Start off with the lowest tier that can meet your needs. Since switching between the plans is easy, you can upgrade when necessary. Switch between the plans if you need to, and you only pay a prorated fee for what you have used.

If you choose to downgrade, you lose access to the top-tier features. Consider using the Squarespace free trial before subscribing. It gives you the chance to understand how it works before making your decision.

2. Budget

The right plan should be able to meet your needs without exceeding your budget limits. Squarespace has a wide range of pricing options, and you can find something for any business. When you have narrowed your options based on the features, think about the amount you can afford to spend. Here is a look at the pricing options for every plan.

Personal Plan Pricing

Monthly charge: $16.00 plus the relevant taxes with a full-cost domain.

Annual pricing: $144.00 plus a free custom domain and taxes.

Business Plan Pricing

Monthly cost: $26.00, three percent Squarespace transaction fees, $100.00 Google Adwords Credit, and the applicable taxes

Annual cost: $216.00, a free custom domain for a year, $100.00 Google Adwords Credit, three percent Squarespace transaction fees, and the applicable taxes.

Basic Commerce Plan Pricing

Monthly price: $30.00, a full-price domain, zero percent Squarespace transaction charges, and applicable taxes.

Annual Price: $312.00, zero percent Squarespace transaction fees, custom, free domain for a year, plus relevant taxes.

Advanced Commerce Plan Pricing

Monthly pricing: $46.00, full-cost domain, zero percent Squarespace transaction charges, and the relevant taxes.

Annual pricing: $480, a free custom domain for a year, zero percent Squarespace transaction fees, and the applicable taxes.

When comparing pricing for Squarespace, it is important to note that you will need to incur additional charges. The fixed monthly or annual cost is not all you need to consider. Consider the costs of your G Suite account, Squarespace transaction fees, and domain names.


All businesses need a professional and functional email. Squarespace will offer a free GSuite account, but it expires after one year. You must consider its cost after that period.

Squarespace Transaction Fees

Squarespace will charge different transaction fees for different plans, and some cost more than others.

Domain Names

Annual Squarespace plans are free. However, monthly plans can be costly. Before choosing a plan, think of the amount you are willing to spend on domains. Paying annually rather than monthly can help you save a lot of money.

3. Make Your Decision

After analyzing the needs of your business, your budget, and the features of different plans, it is time to make an informed decision. While the current needs of your business are important, you must consider the feature needs as well.  Fortunately, Squarespace allows you to change your plan and pricing whenever you want. You can upgrade or downgrade by following these steps:

  • Open your Account Dashboard
  • Click on the site that you wish to downgrade or upgrade
  • Click Settings on the Home menu
  • Click Billing & Account and then Billing
  • Click on the site under Subscriptions
  • Click Change Plan and choose a new plan
  • Click Confirm Plan Change to complete the process

Canceling Your Subscription

If you are no longer interested in your Squarespace subscription, you can cancel it in one of two ways:

  • Disable the auto-renew feature and let the subscription expire
  • Use the Billing settings to cancel your subscription

If you are stuck between a few options, pick one that offers the highest number of relevant features at the best price. Getting the opinion of a professional may be a good idea as well. In conclusion, the choice of a Squarespace plan for your website comes down to your needs and budget. All the available plans have unique benefits and limitations. However, some of them may be more appropriate for your business than others.

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