How To Download Streaming Video – Learn The Best Methods

Nowadays, people prefer watching different kinds of videos in leisure on online video streaming sites to entertain themselves. To re-watch and save their favorite content, many users opt to download video from online streaming; they face difficulties while doing so.

Because very few online sites permit users to online streaming video download, in such a case, you only need a professional video downloader to ease your work. This article unveils simple and quick methods to download streaming video. But, of course, you can go with any process at your convenience.

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What Is A Streaming Video? – How Can You Download Them Offline?

Video streaming is a popular form of media streaming in which the Internet transfers video file data continuously to a particular user. Simply, you can enjoy your desired video online without downloading it on your device or host computer.

To enjoy the content offline, you must know how to download streaming video. Streamed video content includes various fun movies and TV shows. Although there are many ways to download them, we have sorted out three simple methods for you:

  • Use a video downloading extension on Chrome
  • Watch the video online
  • To permanently get rid of the temporary watching experience, use a reliable third-party tool.

All these methods for stream video downloader are described below in detail, and please go through them.

How To Download Streaming Video – The Effective Four Methods

Method 1: Download Streaming Video On Windows And Mac With The Help Of The Streamfab All-in-one Downloader

If you want to download a video from any website in a quality format without errors, then you need to have a professional downloader. We suggest you use StreamFab All-in-one downloader; it’s a globally recognized stream video downloader, developed by DVDFab.

This tool allows you to choose videos from 1000+ websites like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, or any other site. With this software, you can maximize the quality of your videos since it downloads every video in MP4 format or any other required format.

The top-notch video and audio quality so that users don’t have to compromise with their desired video in any way is the priority of this software. Moreover, features like batch download make the tool more appealing.

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Unique Features

  • The in-built browser permits you to look for your ideal video
  • Continue download streaming video in 1080p goal with the quality soundtrack.
  • No disturbance with futile advertisements during the streaming video download.
  • Save all your favorite videos and later download them together in mass through this tool.
  • Choose the suitable language for the downloaded video.
  • Download streaming video in MP4 format or some other favoured format
  • Compatible with both Windows and Mac

Step-By-Step Guide

Step 1: Download StreamFab All-in-one Downloader

Download & install and launch StreamFab All-in-One downloader on your PC

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Step 2: Select The Streaming Service

Move to the “VIP Service” section, and locate your selected online streaming service.

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Step 3: Play And Check Your Chosen Video

Look and play the video you need to download to your device.

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Step 4: Choose The Preferred Language, Audio, And Subtitles

After choosing the desired video, set the streaming video’s language, audio & subtitles.

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Step 5: Start The Downloading Process

Press on the ‘Download Now’ sign to initiate the downloading process.

Method 2: Download Streaming Video In Chrome Extensions

One of the reliable and safe ways to download streaming video in Chrome is by using Video DownloadHelper. Users prefer this software to download videos from different types of sites. It’s highly compatible.

Step-By-Step guide

Step 1: Open Chrome Extension And Install Video DownloadHelper.

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Step 2: Click ‘Install’ on Chrome > Add on Chrome > Add Extension.

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Step 3: At the top-right section, you will see the extension next to your address bar.

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Step 4: You can enable the extension icon if you notice a downloadable video. Click on the symbol and then hit ‘Download’.

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Note: The major drawback of this tool is you can’t download videos from Tiktok and YouTube using this software.

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Method 3: Download Streaming Video On Mozilla Firefox With Video Downloader Professional

There are lots of Firefox extensions to download streaming videos on Firefox. One such is Video Downloader Professional. Through this tool, you can download your desired videos without dealing with any limitations.

Step-By-Step Guide

Step 1: Go to Mozilla Firefox

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Step 2: Hit ‘Add to FireFox’. Confirm and tap on Add.

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Step 3: On the right side of the address bar, you will see the icon.

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Step 4: You will then see the extension’s icon turning into a green arrow whenever you download a video in Firefox. If you see more videos, select one and click on the arrow.

Step 5: Finally, your desired video will be downloaded & saved on your system.

Method 4: Download Streaming video Online with is a professional online stream video downloader allowing users to download the desired video from any site, such as YouTube, without downloading any tool. You can use the tool for free without any registration by just install it to your extension. Because of the easy-to-use interface, it attracts millions of users.

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Step-By-Step Guide

Step 1:  Install the application and proceed to download in one click.

Step 2: On the top part of your downloader page, copy the video link to your input field.

Step 3: Add “” or “” before your video link. Tap Enter or press download.

Step 4: Lastly, you have to install your browser add-on and download with a single tap.

Note: Make sure that you use short names for your domain like

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How To Download An Embedded Video?

A: Right-tap on your video while you play it. Opt for “Save video as” to download the required embedded video to your local hard drive. You will often notice a download symbol at the bottom of your video. Click on it.

Q2: Is It Legal To Download Streaming Video?

A: Yes, its legal to download streaming video for your personal use. If you use it for commercial purpose, you need to go through several processes to take permission from the video creator or the authority who create and upload the video on streaming sites.

Q3. How To Download YouTube Videos On My Android Phone?

A: Follow the steps:

Step 1: Visit YouTube channel

Step 2: Complete the sign up on YouTube Studio.

Step 3: Choose Content from the left panel.

Step 4: Go to the video that you need to download. Choose Menu. Tap download.


If you prefer keeping and saving your favorite videos a tap away, it’s essential to know how to download streaming video. There is a wide range of extensions, applications, and programs for this purpose. We have briefly explained all of the above.

Having permanent assistance to download video from online streaming would eliminate the need for an internet connection to save your videos offline. For that, use StreamFab All-in-One downloader, a perfect solution to download videos from any site.

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