How To Identify An Unknown Caller’s Number

These days, scam and spam calls are more and more common. And because the number shows up as “unknown,” they are becoming hard not to respond. When this happens, people can’t be sure whether it’s a spam caller or an important call they’ve been waiting for from a doctor’s office or from their children’s school. If you expect a work offer or a call from a customer, it may make this situation worse by not knowing who’s calling.

Also, having a call from a number you do not know can be frustrating. If no one leaves a message, you are uncertain whether you should return the call or not. Luckily, there are ways to find out who’s calling you from an unknown or blocked phone. This writing will give you a few simple tracing techniques to prevent spam and scam callers from being anonymous.

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Contact Your Phone Provider

Finding data on whether they have tracing codes is the whole idea of contacting the cell phone provider. Ask them for caller ID details if you want quick help to get rid of frequent spammers. You can tell your network provider that you are getting unknown calls on a regular basis, especially if it involves threats or harassment. They will tell you whether they have an Anonymous Caller ID service that will automatically check the authenticity of each call on your phone.

This service will ask the caller to unblock the number before he can complete the call if it comes from a restricted or unknown number. If the number is unblocked, the caller’s identity will be shown on the Caller ID screen.

You will be asked to indicate the date and exact time of the calls so that the caller can be traced. They will also ask for your name and phone number, so either the caller or the caller’s company will be contacted by your service provider to stop them from calling.

Locate The Number Online

On some of the search engines, you might begin to look for an unknown number. Type it into the search engine, and it may produce some identifiable results if the number is from a big establishment. You may find that you have been contacted by a local company and a large company, such as your bank.

There is also a range of websites that help and offer to find data such as call details. You can use reverse phone lookup where you can search using their entire and massive databases with just one key, they have up-to-date information because they constantly update data, and most importantly, it’s free of charge.

Although most people believe that only the name will be displayed, this is not the case. It will help you gather the age, address, landline or mobile phone numbers, and even financial or criminal records that will help you track the unknown caller’s identity. With this service, you can get a full set of all this data within seconds.

If you are on Facebook, you might be able to use it to identify an unknown caller. Simply type the number into the search bar on Facebook. A profile linked to the number can be found online, but this does not always work because the privacy settings of certain people prohibit their numbers from being linked to their profile.

Use Call-Return Codes

Most telephone companies provide Last Call Return so that you can dial the last number that called you using *69. Dialing *69 will provide you with an opportunity to contact the hidden number instantly. With this, the spam or scam caller can be confronted right away when you like. But don’t expect to get any details from them, and you’ll encounter resistance if you try to remove yourself from their contact list.

However, be very careful when using this because it will warn scammers that your number is working, creating more calls for you. *57 is another number that you can use to trace a call. This is the number to use if you think a fraud or spam caller is really abusing you.

It gets you the phone number and calls information *69 does, but it goes above and beyond because the information you receive is passed along to the police.  A *57 calls will be registered, especially by your mobile service, so police can more quickly identify and detain someone who harasses you.

If you believe you are approached too much by an anonymous caller, it is worth using this number; otherwise, stick with *69. Confirm with your phone provider if you can use these tracing services as some phone companies do not provide these services.

Take Safety Precautions

The aim of finding unknown numbers of phones is to block those you don’t want to talk to. If you have an iPhone, you can take a more drastic move and automatically block numbers that are not on your list of contacts.

The function called “Silence Unknown Callers” could work for you if you get many unknown calls. Just go to Settings, scroll down to the “Call Silencing and Disabled Contacts” heading and switch the “Silence Unknown Callers” to On.

On the Samsung Galaxy, a similar feature exists. To enable, just go to Settings, then Call blocking, and change the switch “Block anonymous calls” to On. Calls from numbers that are not in your contacts will still go to your voicemail and appear in the list of recent calls, but they won’t ring your phone.

If you are repeatedly receiving scam calls, you should report them to the appropriate authorities as a precautionary measure to regulate very pushy telemarketers asking for personal details, especially financial information, but refusing to answer questions about themselves and their business.

The objective of identifying anonymous numbers is to choose genuine ones from those who might violate your rights. The headache and possible harassment of spam and scam calls can be saved by knowing who is calling you anonymously, and you have many ways to go about it.

To find hidden phone numbers and block them, use any of the methods above. Regardless of your strategy, you will keep yourself safe and save yourself any frustration, which is 100% worth the effort.

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