How To Make Your Home Locking System More Secure?

Upgrading your home’s security systems to more advanced ones is not the only option to adopt. If you are not ready to invest in modern, high-end security systems at the moment, there are various steps you can take for a temporary solution. These are the fundamental measures that everyone should adopt to protect their property, loved ones, and valuables from potential burglars.

We consider highlighting these tips because the majority of homeowners are not aware of them or do not pay attention to these small details. However, if they do, half of their stress will be taken away.

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1. Secure The Doors

Doors are the primary means of intrusion if a fault occurs to them.

Check the following things to make sure that your doors are burglar-proof.

  • Never install hollow-core doors on the main entrance. They can be easily knocked down by burglars. Always use solid-wood or metal doors for outside.
  • Make sure that the door frames are strong and hinges are on the interior side. It’s effortless for intruders to break into the house through doors with weak hinges or hinges on the outside.
  • Reinforce your entry door with a metal sheet as it will bring additional strength to withstand the force during kick-in attacks from burglars.
  • Secure your sliding glass doors with a metal bar placed on the bottom of the door track from inside.

2. Secure The Windows

If burglars fail to find their way through doors, their next target is the windows. Even in some cases, burglars make the first attempt to break into through unlocked windows.

You can do the following things to prevent them from entering:

  • Make a habit of locking your windows despite only keeping them shut.
  • Manufacturers’ latches aren’t strong enough. Consider using pin locks to secure them.
  • Install glass break sensors that will alert you for any forceful attempts.
  • Add metal bars next to the windowpane.
  • Hang curtains in front of your windows to prevent burglars from sneaking inside.

3. Light Up The Outdoor

Dark spots are favorite for the burglars as they can easily hide. Therefore, you must keep bright lights on after the evening that is installed outside. Always install bright lights on the front door, in the backyard, and along the pathways. Opt for motion sensor lights as they are a proven deterrent for burglars.

4. Don’t Forget Your Garage

Garage doors are becoming a popular entry point in several cases of robbery. There are many reasons tempting thieves to access garages. Sometimes, you have an interior door opening into the garage or some stuff of good value stored there other than vehicles. To prevent this, you can use automated locks on garage doors, keep the garage windows covered, or install an alarm.

5. Keep A Check On Your Landscape

Besides dim lights, thick bushes and long trees also invite intruders to disguise themselves and seek an opportunity to break in. Therefore, it’s always suggested for the homeowners to eliminate these hiding places by schedule trimming of grass and keeping the shrubs small. Also, avoid having shrubs near to the windows.

6. Install Security Cameras

Security cameras can also be an effective deterrent if you install them on the right spots. Burglars don’t want to intrude into the property, having cameras that will make it difficult for them to escape from police even if they succeed in a burglary.

Final Words

Though the tips and tricks we have shared here with you are the basics of any home’s security, they are much effective to prevent any would-be intruders from breaking into your house. For more useful information visit

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