Died In House Website Tells Homeowners If Someone Died In Their House

We’re getting closer to Halloween and in that spirit we also start thinking about all kinds of scary things. Many of us have probably wondered at some point whether someone that previously lived in the home also died in it. It is a chilling thought that provokes a lot of fantasies, especially this time of year. Halloween is getting more popular every year and perhaps that is why a newly launched website named Died In House  tells homeowners if someone died in their home.

There are a lot of scary houses around the world, and some of them have been featured on TV series like Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures. Usually, the story is that someone died in the house, and who’s spirit is still lingering. Homeowners have always been interested in knowing their humble abode’s history, and Died In House definitely tells you the story with a chilling touch that would make the hair on your arm stand on end.

Websites like these have always appealed to people, and with the exposure this site has gotten so far, much thanks to its provoking name, it’s thriving with homeowners wanting to know more about their homes.

The idea comes from a company located in Charleston, South Carolina, which provides prospective and existing homeowners a way to find out more about the space they want to or currently occupy. The concept is simple. Did someone or did someone not die in the home one is looking to buy or already occupies? The system searches through over 100 million records from 50 states but gives no guarantee that the information is completely accurate.

Realtors have no obligation to disclose whether there has been a death in a house or not. However PSFK’s sample search (with a search cost of $11.99) correctly yielded the house that Kurt Cobain committed suicide in back in 1994. It is chilling and a bit disturbing, maybe that is why so many people have tried to find out whether their home has death secretly written on it. If that is the case, it would make for an even better Halloween, wouldn’t you say?

Website Tells Homeowners If Someone Died In Their House

Homeowners Died In House

Homeowners Died In House

Homeowners Died In House

Via: [psfk]