How Musicians Are Using Technology

Music has existed longer than language. Some anthropologists believe that music was the basis of language. Before there were words, there were grunts, hollers, and chants. Rhythm could be inherent to the human experience. A lot has changed since the days of cavemen.

Today, music exists primarily on the internet. Besides live shows, music is mainly listened to, sold, and distributed online. Musicians and bands promote what they do on social media. They use technology in all kinds of ways. Whether it’s electronic music or old roots blues, below are some ways that musicians are using technology to make and promote their music.

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Recording Music

Music used to be recorded straight to analog tape. It is no longer popular because it is expensive and much more difficult to edit. These days, the average modern music studio uses all kinds of technology to make the music sound the way it should sound. Producing music has changed a lot. Technology is an integral part of recording music.

Whether you are recording an acoustic guitar, live drums, a synthesizer, or amplified sounds, you will likely be using technology to record it and a computer with digital audio workstation (DAW) software.

Producing The Sounds

These days, there is no barrier between the person and making music just with a computer. Some of the biggest radio hits are made up of sound entirely created with a computer. The beats, the melodies, and the tracks that sound like instruments can be created on a computer. Add a vocal track recorded with a microphone and you can have a fully formed track.

You don’t need anyone else to make a full song and the album its on. Producing music is often done completely with technology. Producing music can sound like it was played by humans but it was made using tech. AI can even reproduce music simply from listening to it.

Perform Live

Technology has become a part of the live set up for many musicians. The synthesizer, which is basically a hardware computer with keys and/or knobs, has existed for decades but now it is very common to find a computer on stage. You don’t have to click the spacebar to push play on a track, though. You can perform with technology as the instrument itself.

With effects pedals, loopers, MIDI controllers, synths, and so much more, technology has become an integral part of performing. It doesn’t have to sound robotic at all. Technology is also used to mix the sound of the music. Some people are doing it on a tablet.

Promote Themselves

When the internet was invented, it quickly became a platform for musicians to spread their music and word about their live shows. Do-it-yourself and independent bands finally had the ability to become successful on their own. Now, you can become one of the most followed musicians on social media just by incorporating into your strategy.

Musicians can even sell their music on an online vinyl record store. Whether the musician is promoting their new album, a live show, a full tour, merchandise, or just what they are doing in general, technology is a great tool for promotion.

Collaborate With Other Musicians

One of the best parts of the internet and the ability for people to make music on their own is that musicians from across the world can collaborate together. A project can be finished remotely. It can even sound like it was made in the room. Whether you are near each other or not, the ability to make music together has never been easier. With so much potential, even the most stubborn traditional musician uses technology to collaborate.

Music is music. It always has been and always will be. Pitches and frequencies are coupled with rhythms. But now, there are even more ways to create music. Whether you are playing an instrument, singing into a microphone, producing beats, or using samples, technology is a tool that should be used like any other to be creative.

Tech is changing human life and society. It doesn’t matter if that excites you or makes you afraid, technological progress is unstoppable. Its impact on music is vast. Creative people might feel either way. Like everything else in technology, it’s vital to use the tool to your advantage but to always think about if it is corrupting the creative spirit. When you tread softly, you can use these tools to your advantage. Music will never be the same.

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