How To Safeguard Your Business Against Counterfeit Money

As governments look for new technology to fight counterfeit money, more and more scammers are looking for new ways to keep it from being detected. There is no doubt that some businesses can be hit by a lot of counterfeit money.

Unfortunately, these are the businesses that have not learned how to protect themselves appropriately. There are several ways that you can safeguard your business against counterfeit money. These methods are listed below to ensure your business does not become the next target.

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Employee Training

Employee training can play a big role in detecting counterfeit money. Teaching your employees what to look for is the only way to protect your business from being scammed. Some things to point out include color-shifting ink, raised and blurry printing, and blue/red threads. All of these signs point to counterfeit money. As soon as you teach your employees these signs, the faster your business will become fully protected against counterfeit money.

Check Watermarks

The government embeds watermarks in paper money to offer more security. These watermarks are visible to the naked eye. So, they can be analyzed thoroughly. One watermark that can commonly be found on American dollars is a replica of a face.

When accessing the watermark, it is vital to be on the lookout for visibility and proper placements. Money watermarks are generally embedded into the right side of the bill. If this security feature is missing, then the money is most likely counterfeit.

Assess Security Thread

Regardless of the type of business you operate, counterfeit money can sometimes slip by. This is especially true for businesses, such as IDN Poker, that deal with a lot of cash. One way to avoid becoming a target is to teach employees how to analyze the security threads.

These security features are generally run vertically on one end of the bill. The security thread bears the initials “USA” and its denomination “USA 20”. To make the security thread visible, you just need to hold the money up to the light.

The strip will be as plain as day if the money is authentic. It is recommended to never accept money that does not have this security feature, even if you know the customer personally. Another information thing that you should be aware of is security threads for different bills are unique.

For example, the $5 bill has a security thread that bears the initials “USA” and the number 5. When you place the bill under a UV light, the security thread will glow blue. The security thread on the $10 will glow orange and the $20 bill will glow green.

Invest In A Multi-Test Scanner

A Multi-Test Scanner is a device that is capable of detecting counterfeit money. The machine has a user-friendly interface and technology that allow it to detect even the best counterfeit money. Utilizing the Multi-Test Scanner is as simple as placing the money inside of it. The machine will do the rest. No business should operate a single day without one of these devices. Installation is simple and the price tag is reasonable.

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