Counterfeit iPad Set To Be Released With Call Capabilities

It should come as no surprise to anyone that the most successful companies in the world have a lot of copycats. Even less surprising is that there are a lot of counterfeit companies out there that are creating knockoff products to mimic that of Apple’s. The latest in the row of products to be “recreated” is the iPad mini. This counterfeit iPad mini is actually set for release soon, and it has some additional features which they think will make it appealing for the consumers.

Knockoff devices are a common sight in China, where this counterfeit iPad mini is to be released. Some shady companies have produced this tablet and named it Mini Pad to avoid the most obvious copyright infringements. The look and feel of the tablet is almost identical to the one produced by Apple. There are a few differences though – some quite significant ones as well, I might add.

The counterfeit iPad mini might look like it’s running iOS, but nothing could be farther from the truth. This counterfeit is actually running the Android operating system, with a skin that looks exactly like that of iOS. If you buy one of these, you will most likely find yourself having some compatibility issues when trying to download apps from the Apple App Store for example. It just won’t work.

Furthermore, this counterfeit iPad mini also has call capabilities. That is something the authentic iPad mini doesn’t have, at least not yet anyway. If you ask me, I think adding call capabilities to an iPad mini would be downright stupid. It would only feel awkward to put a 7.9-inch slate up to your ear like it was an iPhone. This counterfeit iPad mini comes in two versions. One has a dual-core MT6577 and another has a quad-core MT6588. Both processing chips were created by MediaTek which supports phone calls. For all you people who think Apple’s products are expensive, and instead you are thinking about getting one of these, don’t go there. You won’t get anything near an Apple product if it is counterfeit, especially when it’s not even running the operating system developed and maintained by Apple.

Counterfeit iPad Mini – “Mini Pad”



Via: [MyDrivers]