How Secure Is eWebGuru Hosting?

Yes, it is a very secure web hosting site. The security problem is there in some web hosting sites as VPS hosting sites are those which replicates the work of a dedicated server in a shared environment. So, many servers become unable to secure it. As a result of which the web traffic increases causing loss of data etc. in the shared environment.

When operating in a shared hosted environment, even with all the appropriate security measures, breaches in security can occur. The level of security increases significantly when you upgrade to VPS’s.

Each VPS is remote via virtualization software which keeps all data, applications, and procedures safe and secure in its own virtual environment.

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EWEBGURU provides us with burstable ram also, it means extra ram which can be added to the VPS temporarily in case of ram shortage. It is not meant for consistent usage like the dedicated RAM. You can customize your VPS with LINUX or windows anywhere you want with the cost of purchasing the package for the VPS hosting.

Web traffic refers to web users who visit the website. It is measured in visits which are sometimes termed as sessions and is a common way to measure the effectiveness of an online business in attracting audiences. E-commerce is the process of a commercial transaction conducted electronically on the internet, e.g. the online shopping you do through online transactions.

  • First, when the e-commerce came to the market the traffic was the only way to measure the popularity of the site, but as days are passing and people are having more and more information about it, now the measure of popularity is measured upon various factors.
  • For how much time a user stays on the website?
  • The bounce rate, as well as time on the page, portray the picture of how a user behaves.
  • What is the point if the website brings lots of crowds and the users leave after a few seconds.

How much you are spending on bringing a visitor to your website? Many web traffic is free, but many are there who rely on paid traffic in order to grow their business.

What is the percentage of customers that actually makes the purchase? For an online business to grow it needs a quite large audience. Besides, the right audience should be there.

Determining how many users buy products, the time spent by the visitors along with how many customers are attracted to your website etc. will give the popularity to the web hosting server. eWebGuru is very good at all of these conditions, it will provide you with all the facilities you will need for a smooth web hosting.

Advantages Of eWebGuru

As eWebGuru is one of the leading hosting sites in India in case of VPS hosting and one of the specialties of Windows VPS hosting is that it becomes very easy to control traffic as VPS hosting replicates the work of dedicated server in a shared environment.

  • EWEBGURU is the faultless platform for web hosting.
  • Its uptime performance is 99.9% which basically means 1.44 minutes per day or 0.17 hours per week or 0.72 hours per month or 8.8 hours per year.
  • But, don’t accept that when a server promises 99.9% uptime, its server will be never down.
  • In case of speed also EWEBGURU is one of the most protruding web hosting sites in India.
  • In this busy world, nobody has time to spare on buffering or loading kind of words, everyone prefers the fastest way possible and the site EWEBGURU has given an extra eye to that matter.
  • As a result of which EWEBGURU can be termed as one of the fastest web hosting servers with a great percentage of uptime.

Achievements Of eWebGuru

It brings to us the shared hosting with the most consistent, firm and steady web hosting solutions giving a better filed to work on. Here, in the VPS hosting the host gets unlimited domains, a database in your VPS. Also, you get unlimited database as your wish along with unlimited subdomains. You can create your own private name server. Unlimited email ids are allowed. On buying any VPS server, free migration will be available.

After buying the server the migration experts of the site can migrate your site freely. Also, your all packages will be managed 24x 7 whenever you want. All hosting plans of this site include free server-side application installing.

The VPS hosting of the website EWEBGURU hosting stands apart rather has come out with powerful servers and with managed VPS options. Also, it has stood out as one of the most economical web hosting sites in India since 2007. Since then it is making the VPS hosting server more popular across the country India.

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