How the Internet Has Changed Advertising!

Some advertising practitioners still do not recognize the fact that the internet has truly changed advertising. The traditional thinkers believe it is a threat to what they have known all these years. However, one thing that I have learned is that we should embrace change and learn the principles so we can use them to their full potential.  As a saying goes – “Nothing endures but change” – Heraclitus

Gone are the days when we have to wait for information. People get their information fast and in real time. They are spending more and more time online. Advertisers and brands need to see that. Consumers now voice their opinions and are not afraid to say what they want to say. Consumers now view not just one screen, but three screens – television, computer and mobile screens. People want to interact with brands by commenting, sharing and even recommending. Brands must look at how people behave and think on a day-to-day basis. Think of the internet as a big playing, conversing and interacting medium.

I found a wonderful video that I thought would be good to share for our readers to better understand how the internet has changed advertising. Change is constant and change is good. The best way to alleviate our fear is to dip ourselves into the digital playground and see the possibilities instead of fighting against it.

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