How To Bypass The 4Chan Ban Easily – Detailed Guide

There are a ton of great things to see and do on 4Chan, but unfortunately, there are also lots of prying eyes constantly looking over what your IP address is doing on this site. While there are some really awful parts of 4Chan (the /b/ board springs to mind immediately) there are lots of different boards that offer really interesting areas of dialogue and sharing.

However, if your content gets banned by 4Chan, it is difficult to get around the ban because it is tied to your IP address. This is why you need a VPN, so you can avoid the 4Chan ban along with keeping prying eyes out of your activity.

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The Need For VPN Privacy

Unfortunately, 4Chan is not viewed in the most favorable light, and when it comes to surveillance, there are several countries routinely monitoring IP addresses on 4Chan and spending way too much time looking at who does what online.

A VPN is great because it shields your actual IP address and gives these online peeping toms a dead end to look at. That’s why selecting a VPN that’s not based out of one of the 5 eyes, 9 eyes, and 14 eyes countries is important. The countries within the 5 eyes, 9 eyes, 14 eyes designations have expansive laws allowing them to track the activity of an IP address.

The reason why you should select a VPN that isn’t based in those countries is because this allows you to enjoy 4Chan without worrying if there’s someone watching you or working on getting your records from your VPN. Once you have found a VPN based in a country that’s not one of those 14, then you can start working on getting around the 4Chan ban.

Evading The Banhammer

4Chan is very much an open platform but the truth is there are lots of different things that can get you banned from it. The problem is when the banhammer strikes, you’re shut down for good. Your IP address is kept on a permanent list and you’re never allowed back onto 4Chan for your postings.  This type of restriction seems to fly in the face of the freedom that 4Chan is renowned for providing, but the truth is every post is living dangerous because 4Chan is very quick to ban users.

Because 4Chan tracks activity without any notification, it’s fairly easy for them to ban users. Of course, the easiest way to avoid bans is not to do anything that will get you banned. That said, 4Chan is a bit arbitrary with how quickly they ban users. That’s why the best way to get around the bans is with a VPN that’s not based in one of the fourteen privacy-invading countries.

Selecting The Right VPN For 4Chan

Once you have narrowed the list of VPNs to those outside of the 14 eyes countries, the key is selecting a VPN that has a great number of features including numerous servers. The large server count is critical for 4Chan. The reason is when the banhammer slams down onto the IP address provided by the VPN server, it’s easy to switch to another server.

Connecting to the VPN allows you to choose between different servers. This is critical for getting around the ban. Each server has a different IP address, and with the different IP address, 4Chan essentially sees you as a completely different entity. Thus, getting around the ban is a relatively simple endeavor as long as you’re able to choose different servers. Still, it would be wise not to post content that keeps bans arriving at your doorstep.

There are several things to look for besides just a lot of different servers. A good VPN will have a fast streaming speed as well. Getting a VPN means doing more than just using it for 4Chan. A good VPN can get around bans that Netflix has on content and if you’re in a country that has restrictive internet, it gets you around those bans as well.

Another important consideration for a VPN is one that doesn’t track data. The goal of using a VPN is to be anonymous. The 14 eyes countries will keep themselves aware of a VPN IP address’s movements even though the VPN shields your actual IP address. If the VPN is tracking your data, then essentially the reason to get a VPN is completely negated by the actions of the VPN.

How To Use The VPN To Get Around The 4Chan Block

Once the VPN is downloaded and the software is installed, the next step is familiarizing yourself with the VPN. Learn how to connect with the different servers so that you can easily transition to a new one if the VPN IP address that you’re using gets banned. Most VPNs connect with the strongest nearby server.

Therefore, if that server gets banned, then you’re out of luck with 4Chan so that’s why it is necessary to move to another server. Another option is to use a static IP address. This can be done with any VPN and all you need to do is head into the settings and possibly the advanced menu on the VPN. It’s a fairly easy endeavor and allows you to be in control of your IP address so that you know conclusively if it gets banned or not.


There are many arguments for having a VPN and privacy is perhaps the most compelling. When it comes to 4Chan, privacy is just one of the many considerations that should nudge you towards getting yourself a VPN.

Having this level of privacy is necessary for posting content along with keeping your posts away from government entities that should not be spending their time watching what you post on a particular site. Selecting a VPN that’s not based in one of the 14 eyes countries is a key part of enjoying 4Chan. Check out all the different options and make an educated choice on what VPN is the right one for you.

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