Rocket VPN – The Free And Easy Way To Use Virtual Private Network

The practicalities and perks of having a working and reliable VPN app on your Android or iOS devices are very relevant, especially with today’s society. Using a good VPN app like Rocket VPN regularly can protect you from internet surveillance, hackers, and other cyber criminals.

Rocket VPN will be able to protect your online experience from those who aim to sabotage your privacy. Apparently, there are certain parties and organizations who track your internet activities on the device you are using. Moreover, Rocket VPN can also hide your identity online as well as change your geographic location which will allow you to bypass any existing access limitations for your location or country.

Why Rocket VPN?

Now that we have established why you need a reliable VPN app on your Android or iOS device, however, why choose Rocket VPN?  There are many VPN apps available on the PlayStore and AppStore but not all of them offer everything you need in a VPN app packed in a neat easy-to-use package.

Rocket VPN has a simplified user interface, making it easy to set up the VPN service on any device. Rocket VPN offers their amazing VPN services for free and is created by Liquidum, a company notorious or dishing out great applications.

Getting Started with Rocket VPN

After you have downloaded Rocket VPN on your device, the first thing the app will prompt you to do is set up a few things. When you are prompt to allow the app certain permissions on your device, do select “Allow.”

Once all the permissions are granted, you may now choose a virtual location you want to access the internet from. After choosing a virtual location, select ok and the connection will be created while a small key icon will appear in the status bar, a sign that Rocket VPN is active and doing its job. Note that this setting is not permanent and you may change your virtual location at any point.

Rocket VPN Perks

Nullify Geographically Restricted Content

Rocket VPN will allow users access to nearly any online service or content, rendering geographic restrictions useless. There are some areas and even while countries that do not allow certain services such as Facebook to be used. Fortunately, Rocket VPN can remove this restriction easily, all the user has to do is to select a virtual location and connect to the internet from there.

Ensure Online Security & Privacy

Rocket VPN will render cyber predators powerless to spy on and steal your online activity. Everything that happens on your device while Rocket VPN is active will become encrypted. Moreover, the app also ensures that third-party services will not be able to spy on your web activities.

Quick Launch Apps

This unique Rocket VPN perk may sound complicated to use, but it is actually very easy to set up. Rocket VPN allows users to add apps that will run through the virtual location you have set up thanks to its Quick Launch apps section on the homepage. Users will be able to select the apps that they want to use with an active Rocket VPN connection and those that will not be affected.

Ultimately, Rocket VPN is one of the best VPN apps available for free. It’s simple yet efficient user interface will save users the time and effort of troubleshooting or figuring out the application’s controls. However, the app does slow down internet speed when Rocket VPN is active; this is likely because the user is using a free version of the service. If you do not mind a slightly slower internet connection, feel free to reap all the benefits of the free and effective Rocket VPN app.

Rocket VPN – Free And Easy To Use VPN

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