How To: Connect ALL Your USB Devices Into The Same Port!

By now most people have bucket loads of USB devices and memory sticks laying around. Knowing what info is on which one is probably the new problem of the age, and we’re trying to make sense of it all by putting some files on certain sticks and putting cords in certain patterns in order to have the slightest clue about what the heck this whole mess is all about. There have been a slew of USB stacking devices designed to counter-fight this problem, but until now, there has been little to help us make it come together.

This is sure to help! “Tandem USB Connector” by designers Yi Fan Lin & Hong Yih Chu has won awards for its innovative and sleek design as well as its usability. Little has to be said about this device of wonderment more than that it comes as a true lifesaver (space saver as well). It is sure to come to a store near you in the future.

I sure wouldn’t mind popping that thing on the table beside my keyboard and plugging away. Imagine all of those USB devices lighting up, making my entire desk look like a well garnished Christmas tree like never before seen. On second thought, that doesn’t really sound like a good idea. Imagine the electric bill… and the noise… and… and… well, I guess this device deserves a fair chance and a pat on the back for its perfect design and implementation.