How To: Create a Wallet from a Keyboard | Geek Style

To be original is one of the most key features when being a fully grown geek. What you wear and how you act is everything. Not to mention how well you answer your geek questions of course. Oh, and don’t forget the touch of “genius” you need to get the respect you are after. To be good at something isn’t impressive anymore. You need to be outstanding at what you do and accomplish. Down to the very last detail no matter what you do. So buckle up and make sure you’re listening. This could very well be the beginning of your statement and ruler of the geek domain.

You’re probably using the ole leather wallet and think that that is the best way to roll around the block. But I tell you, you’re definitely wrong. Ain’t no geek going around frontin’ their ordinary leather wallet. Nope they make things a little bit more eye catching and dangerous.

How about a wallet entirely made out of a keyboard and some transparent tape?! That should do the trick right? Imagine rolling around the neighborhood with your see through wallet frontin’ all that cash you just made creating the next Twitter. Imagine the envy you will cause your friends just because of the fact that you have something they will never know how to get.

This is your chance to become a genuine and extraordinary geek to rule the world. This is the start of a new chapter in your life…but you will probably get robbed. Just remember that. You’ll be both cool and dangerous though! Enjoy!