How To Find Hidden Cameras Planted In Any Room [Infographic]

With all the talk about privacy and people snooping into our lives, whether it’s by listening to our conversations or recording us on video, it makes me wonder about all the ways people can spy on us. As far-fetched as it may sound, hidden cameras have been found in some private locations. In 2012, a hidden camera was found in a public bathroom in the Omni Hotel in San Diego. It was the hotel’s Chief of Engineering who planted it for his own kicks. How do you find hidden cameras?

Hotel rooms aren’t the only place where someone might plant a hidden camera. I’ve been in a store’s dressing room changing clothes before and had the feeling I was being watched. It’s probably all just paranoia, but then again, you never know. What we need is a way to find hidden cameras. That way, we could detect them before the perp who planted them sees whatever he or she wants to see.

This infographic can help. It’s called How To Find Hidden Cameras (by AllSafe), and it explains how to find hidden cameras in unexpected places. Just turning off the lights and looking for a tiny red or green light is not enough. That will only be visible if the person who set it up is inexperienced or careless. You have to assume whoever did it knows what they are doing, in which case they would make sure that light wasn’t visible.

When you find hidden cameras, you might find more than you were expecting. In other words, they may also have a microphone or listening device in addition to the camera itself. To a lot of people, this all probably sounds ridiculously far-fetched. However, someday, if you are ever in a situation where you think someone might be watching you, you’ll hopefully remember this article and the information will be helpful.

How To Find Hidden Cameras Planted In Any Room

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