Triumph OMNI-BANG: 360 Degree Sound For Your iPhone!

Almost everyone, I am sure, remembers when the iPhone first came out how astounded we were with the rich, thick quality the sound had. It was a joy to watch those movie trailers on YouTube, and you kept wondering how those small badboys of speakers could generate that much of a sound torque. But today, we are a bit more used to it, and we are always trying to find other ways to get the sound from the iPhone to sound like the most exclusive cinema sound system. Many have tried, and almost as many have failed, but that’s not a reason to give up on trying. The people over at the motorcycle company, Triumph, certainly don’t take such a statement and just give up.

Their collaborative sound system aimed at the rebel motorcycle driving badboys is something of a victory really. It’s a downwards facing speaker system that has its design and style inherited from motorcycle parts to give us that good ole retro feeling. It will deliver 360 degree sound when your iPhone is docked in the wooden dock accompanying the 2 speakers that make up the system.

It’s dubbed the OMNI-BANG, and even though I haven’t tried it out, I can already tell that it’s probably kinda cool. I would love to check out what the system is capable of doing and what the 360 degree sound is really like. Sure, it’s not a surround system which the statement might suggest. I take it that it’s just the sound that comes out from 360 degrees around the speaker itself, which really isn’t such a bad feat either. Geektastic sound is always welcome, especially when it is as rebel as this one.