How To Host A Party On Your iPhone [Infographic]

I think this is brilliant! Planning and hosting a party is fun, but geeking it up a little in the process can only make it better. Since there really is an app for just about everything these days, it’s pretty popular to see articles where bloggers have grouped apps together for different reasons.

Whether it’s a collection of apps to help us get healthy, to optimize our social media efforts, to make traveling easier, to help us get organized or any of the other myriad of articles I’ve seen like that lately, they are always helpful and fun to read. Of course, the geeky ones are always my favorite, and there are a lot of apps designed for geeks out there.

This one, which comes in the form of an infographic, gives me another idea. If you are an app developer that produces apps for a certain niche, what better way to get the word out than to have a designer create an information packed, high quality infographic? It will most likely make the rounds on all the popular sites, and it benefit you in so many different ways. This particular one teaches us about planning a dinner party like a geek. This is called Hosting A Dinner Party On Your iPhone, and it’s by geekaphone (if you click over to that original article, you’ll find a list of links for the apps, along with more pertinent information). Wow, I can think of about a hundred more apps to add to this list.

Just to name a few…

If you are on a budget yet you want to find the perfect little black dress for your party, try the Closet Swap app.

If the party continues at the club, and you want to keep all photos of you off Facebook, try the Photoblocker app.

If you continue the party on your social media accounts after you get home, and you want to clean that up in the morning, try the Last Night Never Happened app.

If your girl is pissed at you because you stayed out all night long, and you want to make up with her but you need help, try the IceBreak For Couples app.

If she leaves you anyway, and you feel like you have no life now, you can confirm that by trying the Ultimate No Life Test app.

I could go on and on… :)


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