How To | Make your WordPress Hack Proof

Today there is more and more security breaches than ever before. Web browsers seems to fall behind faster than they can spell to themselves and this really makes an online business or venture quite hard work. Always staying up to date with all new updates, security issues and fixes is somewhat of a full time job for a website owner or a blogger. Not to talk about backing up all your data each and every second which, if you have a successful and content vast blog, takes forever and really cuts your creativity in half.

But, there are certain things you can do to make it harder for your intruders and malicious flunks to breach the boarders of your privacy. Passwords has been through it’s share of pushes and re-visits in order to make people change their passwords every now and then. That’s not what I want to cover here. No, there are things that you can do right when you start off a new blog to make your WordPress blog a heck of a lot more secure.

These ten tips is a great start to secure your data and to make sure you are being an annoyance to the hacker as much as he/she is to you. Ten really simple things that shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to pull off.

But remember that these tips just make your blog as safe as the skills of the hacker. Even though the title says “Hack Proof” doesn’t mean it will never be breached if you get an army of clever hackers determined to hack your site. What it means is that the harder you make it the less is the chance the hacker wants to spend time hacking YOUR site instead of moving on to someone else. So, whatever you can do make sure you do it. You will enjoy the feeling of knowing you’ve done everything you can to protect you precious data.

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