How To Overcome The Blind Spot While Driving

Our cars are getting ever more advanced, and the features are making them more secure and automated. Some people argue that going in this direction is better for everyone’s safety, and to some extent I can agree. However, when does the pleasure of actually driving the car get jeopardized? I sure wouldn’t want to jump into a car and know I just have to push a single button, punch in the destination and that’s pretty much it. Where is the fun in that? Sure, it will be all safe, but where is the driving pleasure?

I saw a couple of commercials on TV the other day where I think it was Volkswagen who recently launched a new model which parks itself with just a push of a button. The feature has been around for quite a long time as an extra for BMW owners, but I think this year we will see this much more incorporated into the new cars being launched.

There is one more thing that needs correcting, and that is the blind spot. It’s probably the main reason and cause for many of the accidents that happen today along with falling asleep and carelessness. Ho-Tzu Cheng has the ultimate technology solution for that. I can’t stop looking at these as they are, to me, really the next thing in windscreen being used as a see through data center.

It’s been called the “Full Rear View Windshield Monitor,” and it projects everything that happens on the sides and the back of the windshield in front of you using a special type of camera in three positions, one on each side and one at the back. This ultimately results in a perfect view of what is happening around you when you drive. The cameras are specially calibrated to show you everything in perfect light, even if it’s raining or if it’s nighttime. Even if the car is packed with people, the driver will still have an non-interrupted view of what is going on around the vehicle. I just can’t wait for this to come as a custom fit for any new car. It’s like driving a spaceship. So cool!