How To: Scare The Crap Out Of Your Friends With Your iPhone

I’m giggling right now because a few days ago, @mistygirlph wrote an article about how to embarrass your friends, and now I’m writing about how to scare the crap out of them. Haha! I promise, we are not bad friends. It’s all in good fun you know.

Last weekend I got a DM from @Minervity that said, “I took a picture of my brother’s wife and it had some abnormalities in it that I can’t explain.” I responded with, “It’s just a picture, how could it be so strange?” We went back and forth about this a few times.

Then, sure enough, he sent a tweet with the picture he was referring to. It had this caption, “On Friday I took a photo of my brother’s wife. I am not a believer in these things but I was baffled.” Here is a copy of that photo:

You see what is in this photo right? Maybe you are smarter than me, but for about five minutes, I fell for it. I was all freaked out. I was thinking there are suddenly ghosts in our houses, I was looking behind me, yep, the whole thing. Then, I came to my senses and asked Richard to tell me the real deal. Come to find out, it’s just the Freaky Fotos app. This is the coolest app I’ve seen in a while. Check out the demo video below.

You can choose from over 20 creepy ghosts, and if done correctly, they will look very convincing in your pictures. You don’t have to wait to show the pictures to your friends either, with this app, you can insert the ghost almost immediately so they won’t be suspicious that you doctored the photo.

According to the creators of this app, here are the features:

Move and resize ghost images for the perfect shot
Fastest app for quick photos of your unsuspecting friends
Insert ghost images on top of your live camera feed
Insert ghost images onto existing photos in your camera roll
Over 20 professionally-created ghost images to choose from (including some heads, arms and hands)
Semi-transparent ghosts blend seamlessly into each shot
Share your Freaky Fotos on Facebook and Twitter directly through your photo roll

Want a tiny two-foot child ghost to appear at your friend’s feet? How about a floating face inches above their head? Why not insert a bony hand grasping at your friends clothing? With Freaky Fotos, you get to decide how best to scare your friends.