Snap Pics With Your Apple Earpods/Earbuds And Avoid Fumble Fingers

People who know me well know that I love to snap pics, but I’m not very good at it. I try to blame it on the lighting or the angle, but I’m starting to think the problem is with the photographer if you know what I mean. I have an iPhone 5, and I’ve tried dozens of apps, but my pics still look low quality a lot of the time. The worse thing is when my finger slips into the photo, or when my finger jerks right at the last second.

I read about a little trick yesterday on the Mother Nature Network, and it worked so well that I wanted to share it with you. If you have “jerky finger syndrome” when you are trying to snap pics, you will love this. I know this works on the iPhone because I did it several times yesterday. It might work on other smartphones too, but I only tested it on my iPhone 5.

Instead of using the button on your camera app to snap pics, you can use the volume control on your earpods or old earbuds! If you were an early adopter of the iPhone 5, you might not have a volume control on your earpods (the first batch made didn’t have a volume control). But by now, I think most people have the earpods with the volume control. If you don’t, you can always use your old earbuds for this little trick. This is how it’s done…

How To Snap Pics With Your Apple Earpods/Earbuds

1. Plug your earpods/earbuds into your iPhone.

2. Open your camera app.

3. With one hand, position your iPhone so you are ready to take the picture.

4. With the other hand, take the picture by pressing the volume control on your earpod/earbud wire.

This is my new favorite way to snap pics since it completely gets rid of fumble fingers. It will also come in handy when you want to take selfies, but you don’t want both arms extended in the photo. Obviously you don’t have to be wearing the earpods for this to work, they just have to be connected. When you think about that, this little trick opens up a bunch of new photo perspectives. Good luck, and I hope you have fun with it!


Image Credit: [Mike Lau / LJR.MIKE Flickr]