4 Steps To Turn Any Pair Of Ordinary Gloves Into Touchscreen Gloves

If you are tied to your smartphone, it would be useful to know how to make touchscreen gloves in five minutes. I’m about to show you how to do that. People in the generation before mine don’t seem to understand how important our smartphones are to us. They would probably say we don’t understand how important not being tied to a smartphone is to them. It’s two different perspectives, and somehow we all manage to co-mingle. There’s nothing that defines a generation gap like technology.

I know if my mother were to see this tutorial for how to make touchscreen gloves, she would roll her eyes. The truth is, whether you like to wear cozy gloves in the winter, gardening gloves in the summer or sparkly gloves all year round, it’s annoying to have to take off a glove to use a touchscreen. But, we have to access our touchscreens (there’s no way around that), so we take the glove off anyway. Well, that won’t be necessary anymore.

This is a quite geeky solution. All you need is some conductive thread and a needle, and you’ll be good to go. You can pick up the conductive thread here on Amazon. This mini-tutorial was created by inventor and creative problem solver Steve Hoefer. You can check him out on Flickr.

I also saw another product on Amazon called AnyGlove. It’s a liquid that you put on gloves that will instantly turn them into touchscreen gloves. I read the reviews, and it seems to work well. Either way, both of these solutions seem better than buying touchscreen gloves at the store. They are usually ugly looking and way too nerdy. Yup, making our own touchscreen gloves seems like a much better solution. This would be a great gift to make for your favorite mobile social media addict!

Turn Any Pair Of Ordinary Gloves Into Touchscreen Gloves

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Via: [Book of Joe]