How Unified Communications Can Boost Your Business’ Productivity

The communication system of your business matters a lot when it comes to enhancing the productivity and efficiency of your employees. Communication hurdles can significantly impact the productivity of employees, and for the businesses of this era, communication gap can mean a difference between success and failure.

Business communications can affect both external and internal relationships of your organization. Internally, a good communication system keeps employees connected with each other to work in collaboration, which in turn strengthens the external communication of business with clients. Businesses now are learning that real key to boost their workplace productivity is not a new tool but a new system.

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What Is Unified Communications?

Unified communications is an integrated system that incorporates various communication tools into a single centralized system. It allows businesses to manage all forms of communications more easily. It enables your employees to be in touch and access information from anywhere, on any device, at any time.

For example, employees can participate in a video conference through unified communications no matter where they are. They can also receive work emails while traveling and can also see if their co-workers are available to take calls.

Therefore, you can integrate your fragmented business communication system by partnering with unified communications (UC) solutions provider like Epik Networks. Unified communications involves real-time communications like a phone system that includes instant messaging, voice or video calling, and desktop sharing.

A UC system also includes helpful features like presence management, data collection and distribution, mobile integration, video communication, and directory services. Here are the ways UC boots productivity of your business.

Improves Collaboration With Colleagues And Customers

UC features improve collaboration within businesses by enabling employees to communicate more efficiently and easily across different mediums. Instant messaging and video conferencing have seen to improve business collaboration. It is possible to set up video conferences with a few clicks and communicate with clients and colleagues around the world.

UC features also save time and overheads of your business because video conferencing enables visual collaboration with co-works, customers, and suppliers to give product demonstrations and pitches. The speed and informality of instant messaging allow employees to share thoughts and make decisions more easily.

Enjoy Greater Mobility

UC allows greater mobility for employees and the ability to work at home, which leads to increased productivity and greater job satisfaction. The one number concept and provision of softphones enables employees to answer their desk phone calls form a softphone on their personal computer or smartphone from wherever they may be working.

One number concept offers greater mobility for employees as they can take their phone number with them, and it’s also useful for hot-desking because employees will not have to be tied to a fixed handset.

Softphones also allow employees to enjoy greater mobility because this software allows video and voice call to be made over the internet. With this feature of UC, employees can answer office calls on their smartphone, tablet, or PC when they are away from their desk.

Better Customer Service

Customer service is now called customer experience management. Unified communication tools offer multi-channel customer service. It enables transparency in customer communications so the representative can view the history of customer interactions.

By using cloud-based CRM or another tool to centralize communications with customers, you can ensure that your data is kept safe. This helps to provide adequate customer service as the prior messages can be accessed from a centralized system.

Customers may seek information through chat, emails, self-serve information portals other than contact centers, and UC enables you to provide unified customer experience regardless of the channel.

Presence Information And Calendaring

The workplace productivity has seen to be affected by lack of presence and calendaring functionality. UC presence/status monitoring enables the co-works to immediately know who is available, which is useful for planning a meeting quickly.

This is, in fact, the most cited workplace productivity improvement, enabling the team to get together much faster and more efficiently. This means more people can be involved to provide input and decisions can be made more quickly.

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