Then & Now: What A Difference 10 Years Makes [Humor]

This is so funny to me, and I was just thinking about it the other day. Technology changes so fast, and with it, so do our expectations. I clearly remember patiently waiting for dial-up Internet to connect, carrying around a cell phone that I only used for emergencies, and watching television when it had a picture so blurry we could barely see what was going on. We all did those things, and they didn’t bother us at all because we didn’t know any better.

Then technology advances, and all of a sudden, everything we had yesterday is crap. I would rather poke my eyeballs out with a sharpened metal ice pick than use dial-up Internet now. Also, I barely use my iPhone for making phone calls. As a matter of fact, I hate talking on the phone. It’s all about the Internet now, and I can’t imagine what a huge life downgrade it would be to go back to having a regular cell phone without Internet access.

However, when we think about these things, we sometimes forget just how quickly we’ve gotten adapted to these relatively new things. Kendall, the funny as heck blogger over at This Is Not A Blog, put together these hilarious pictures which truly illustrate some of these points. Ten years ago we didn’t have Twitter or Facebook, we didn’t have high definition television, and we didn’t have iPhones. What on earth did we have in our lives to make us happy back then? I have no idea. :)

High Definition Televison Comic

High Definition TV Comic

Mapquest Directions Funny Comic

Mapquest Directions Funny Comic

Cell Phones Then and Now

Cell Phone Then and Now

Walkie Talkies Then and Now

Walkie Talkies Then and Now