Now I Can Draw with My Mouse! | Hybrid Mouse

The mouse… it’s probably the one thing a designer can’t be without. Yeah, sure you have some substitutes, but the mouse is by far the most versatile tool when working with design, whether it is web, logo or any other kind of graphic oriented design. The mouse itself has stayed pretty much the same throughout the years only to see minor changes like wireless and roll ball features. Now Apple launched their surface mouse which can feel multiple touche zones and thus makes it possible to scroll just by touching the very surface of the mouse itself.

But, lately, we have seen several new ideas on the horizon when it comes to the mouse design and how we use it in our daily work. Some designs are more radical than others and some are just a more advanced version of what we already have. However, the one that I have found is a neat little bugger that I think will become a huge success if it’s ever introduced. At this point it’s just a concept mouse but the idea is brilliant and should speak to pretty much the entire design community.

Designer Marcial Ahsayane created a mouse hybrid that can be used both as an ordinary mouse, and also like a pen to draw directly on the screen or on a pad. Marcial is one of those designers that has come up with a slew of great inventions and designs and if you check out his website you will find that he has several really cool things in his portfolio. So, what is this mouse all about?

It’s called the “eVouse” and sports a green LED light whenever in use and by flipping it over and grabbing it like a pen it changes character and instead of working as a mouse, it starts working as a pen instead. The grip is somewhat freaky in the beginning, I can imagine, but it’s one of those things to get used to. Do you remember the first time you ever used a mouse? Well, I could foresee that it’s probably the same thing.